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Car rack

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I was wondering what kind of ski rack do you use? I know for example, Jeep have a car rack that you can mount the ski rack onto. I drive a Subaru which do have car rack. Is there some kind of attachable ski car I can put on? Or do I have mount on a car rack on the rood first?
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If I understand your question correctly, you are asking what kind of ski rack can be mounted on your existing roof rack (Subaru factory installed). Personally, I have a skibox made by Thule ( a SWEDISH company). They make mounting brackets for pretty much any car out there. Yakima also makes a similar product. There is another manufacturer or two, whose names escape me as I write at this hour. If you don't want the bother or expense of a box, you can also get the "vise" version. Open "vise"... insert skis... close vise... drive....open vise...remove skis...close vise....clean road schmutz off skis.

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Originally posted by newbie:
I drive a Subaru which do have car rack.
Sorry, I meant to say it don't have roof rack. So I need one of those attachable one I guess....?? :

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If it is just 1 or 2 people skiing they make racks that hang on the glass of your window and also have suction cups to stay put. When I had a car(now I have a truck) I swore by theses things, there cheap (like $30), they go on/off in about 5 seconds, they don't whistle like most racks at highway speeds. And don't worry about the window bracking, the glass in car windows is extremely strong. I also put my skis in a ski bag to avoid the road grime. Hope this helps
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Unless you are desperately short of money, go with the roof box made by Thule. You may want to read the "Should I get a roof box?" thread.

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I use the Yakima system. I have a permanently attached system with crossbars that slide back and forth on rails. You can attach many different accessories to the bars, including ski racks, boxes, bike racks, etc.

The do make bars that fit most manufacturer racks that utilize their system.

Check out their website at www.yakima.com. Its very intuitive, and will set you up with what you need for your car.
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