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Mojo 90 skiers - need your input!

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I'm going to be getting a pair of Mojo 90s this year, the only question is what length.

Skied the 176s last weekend on bulletproof, ice, and crusty/chunky crud & ice cubes and really liked them so I know they'll be way better in better conditions.

The 186s weren't available to try much to my disappointment. I want to go with the longest ski I'm comfortable with. I plan to use the Atomic Neox bindings with them which should enhance their already flexible nature and make the longer skis even easier to turn.

I'm 5'8", 170 lbs, and a reasonably strong skier. Looking for input from others who've also skied and liked the Mojo 90s as to what length you liked best and in what conditions. Basically, any input will help.

I'm hoping to scrounge up a pair of 186s to demo but don't know if I'll be able to and I'm ready to pull the trigger on a pair as soon as I can find them for under $600 (a new pair went for $420 on Ebay last week!)

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I'm 5'6" 140lbs and ski the mojo's in a 166cm. They do ski short due to the forward mount but I like them that way. Quick turning for tight spots but still stiff enough to straight line comfortably. I would think the 176 would be fine for your wt/ht.

If I were you, I'd consider mounting them up with some Tyrolia railflex bindings, which are also free flexing and have the added plus of allowing you to play around with the binding positions to find the ideal mark. I believe that Head will double the warranty if you use Tyrolia bindings as well.
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Why not go with the Mojo 15 bindings.They have been getting some good marks on the "other' ski forum.I have the Neox 4/12 and they are pigs.
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The Mojo 15 bindings are a standard binding and I really want to go with a free-flex binding. Not at all opposed to using the Tyrolia Railflexes and didn't know you could change the centerline of the boot easily with them. That's an intriguing option.

I'd heard good things about the Atomic bindings and have been able to find some good deals with them online so that is what was driving my decision, but may reconsider now.

Can you please explain what "pig" means in binding terms?

Anyone else have any input on length choices? I found the 176s to be just fine in the conditions I tried them in, but if the 186s ski similarly and would be as easy to turn in deeper/softer snow with a full flex binding i'd rather go with a longer ski.

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"pig"= heavy.If your buying these skis to go offpiste a non step in binding will be easier to use if you lose a ski in the soft stuff.Look p14 ti`s will go on my future set of Mad Trix when I find a good deal.
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