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Which Twin Tips

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Help, I'm buying new twins and need some advice. Apart from the park, ski's must be good in the moguls and ok on piste. I was going for 1080 but to many people seem to dislike this ski. So I think it's a choice between Public Enemy and Rossi Scratch FS.
I've tried the Pocket Rocket and its too fat on the piste for me. My current ski's are X-Screams which have taken a lot of stick and are still holding up well so I'm not sure if the bad press for Sally's is warranted or have I just been lucky. Cheers. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The current Teneighty is actually pretty nice for what you describe. I reminds me of the way an old style slalom stick skis.
I have ridden the 181 for the last year and know that bumps are fun but crud and higher speeds get the better of these.

The V-Pro would be nice too, but it is stiffer a bit heavier than the Teneighty, so it is more all-mtn and less park specific. The Teneighty also is mounted more towards the center for switch riding and landing. A lot of people don't realize that and when they get a shorter length, they really regret it.
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The 1080 is a fun all-mountain ski but it is not for skiing real hard snow. Considering where you live and the description of what you are looking Bandit Man is right on in suggesting the V-Pro. Here is the brief synopsis Peter Keelty wrote about the V-Pro at -

Versatile, can be used well for anything from hard snow arcing, to park and pipe and is especially good all around off-piste ski, especially in bumps and broken snow.
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If you want a park ski that can do the whole mountain get the V-pro. If you want just a quiver park ski stick with PE, FS, 1080. PE is the cheapest among these. Can get good deals on lines too.
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Have a look at the Dynastar Trouble Makers. The old Candide/Concept was one of the best riding, most durable of the older twin tips... a definite personal favorite. I haven't ridden the TM yet, but all reports thus far are that it beats the Concept in every aspect. Narrower than the V-Pro, bit with a more forgiving tip and tail which should help soft snow float and bump performance. Still stiff underfoot for carving...

I'm really looking forward to demoing a pair and hopefully rounding out my quiver with it as an everyday ski for the East Coast and park stuff.
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I'm biased, and worse, I've got something to sell. :

I would recommend the V-Pros. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] And conveniently enough, I have some for sale here;f=5;t=002281

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Cheers to all who replied, I shall be having a close look at the V Pros and Trouble Makers, 2 skis I hadn't even considered and as all the skis in this bracket cost about the same in Britain (£300, no bindings) (Volkl's are a bit pricey in USA compared to others) I should have no problem deciding which ones after a few demos. Cheers [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Now that all of those silly yank mums got rid of the porn on the Scrathc FS that is obviously not an option anymore.
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