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Terry's coming! Woohoo!!!

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OK, so I'm pretty excited. I just got done registering Terry for the Snowbird ESA. She admits that she's going because of what she knows that it will mean to Sabrina (her friend and Tim's wife) and to me. I am trusting that she'll have a wonderful time in spite of her concerns and doubts. Regardless, though, I'll get to introduce all you attendees to my amazing bride and to share the time with her as well as all of you.

This is a pretty doggone good Christmas present for me!
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Yay for Terry!!!
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ssh, that's great! You'll all have a great time.

I tried one more time, but Lori's not gonna go
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Sorry, Chris. She'd end up with quite a group, I think. Terry, Sabrina, FRAU, disski... I don't know that they'll all be together, but it wouldn't surprise me.
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Congratulations, ssh. Terry will have a blast. You and I know it.
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YOU have got such an awesome dance card for all the Epicski events. You make normal instructors drool at teh talent you attract for even teh Eastern academies, let alone the Big Event ESAs. Kudos, it says good things for all USA training, not just ESA.
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