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XWave 9.0 and swollen feet

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I've had Salomon XWave 9.0's now for 2 years and had trouble with them just about every time I ski. I've finally decided I need to do something about the problem. Basically, the problem is that the boot puts pressure on my arches, which in response swell up and lead to even more pain. There's been days where I can barely move my feet after taking them out of my boots. I skied on these boots probably 40 times, so I'd say they're broken in. I took them to a ski shop in NH who did a shell fit and said they were too big for me (I'm a 10 1/2 sneaker and the boot is a 28), so they put in superfeet (the trim to fit version) and built up the tongue. $50 later, the boots hurt more than they did in the first place. This being said, I have a few questions:

1. Could the boots be too stiff for me, causing the swelling in my arches by not allowing me to get forward enough on my skis? I'm 6'1'', 160lbs. I ski agressively on Salomon Scream xtrahots, so I want a boot that will compliment their performance

2. Could the boot shape be causing the problem? I have slightly flat, wide feet

3. Any recommendations for a new pair? I've been trying on a bunch recently and found the Salomon 1080 Foil to be really comfortable and fit well, but I'm concerned they wont be stiff enough (85 flex index vs. 100 for the xwave). I'm looking to spend in the $350 -400 range (just got out of college so I dont have too much money to be throwing around).

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I'm 5'10" 145lbs, and have 10.5 size feet also. I bought a pair of 28.0 X Wave 9's and took them up to the mountain for the first time yesterday. I also noticed some pain in my arches, but that was only when riding the lift, when the skis were pulling down on my feet. I have a high arch and fairly wide feet. I bought a pair of Sole brand insoles for $40 and had the ski shop heat mold them to my feet, I noticed a substantial improvement in arch support with them in, although that was prior to taking them to the mountain. Skiing with the boots on they were very comfy, maybe even a little loose. Hopefully as I break them in a little more I can tighten them up somewhat.

From what I've been told, Salomon boots have a high arch area, so if you have low arches it is strange that you are getting sore arches.

Good luck,
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do they hurt when ....

you are skiing, standing around or on the chair. which is worse?

when you loosen the buckles does the pain get less? boots too big = overtighten buckles = foot pain. smaller size = lighter tension on the buckles = less pain.

do you meen the bottom of your foot (arch) or the top of your foot (instep)?

arch = footbeds not right, try just flat, with nothing and see if it si better or worse

instep= get the boot board (thing under the liner) thinned to get more room over you foot.
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Have you tried moving the 3D buckle to anorther position. I wear a 10.5 street size shoe but ski the same boot in 27.5 and find it to be the most comfortable alpine boot I've owned. I also use thin socks, Spyder X-Static to be specific. If I wear a slightly thicker sock such as the Smartwool U.S ski team sock I will experience pain in my arches (nothing debilitating but still uncomformatable. I also release the instep buckle while waiting in the lift line and on the chair.The flex index or stiffness of the boot should have nothing to do with your arch pain.
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these boots wrecked my feet. And aussie examiners, before I realised the problem, asked me if they were wrecking my feet! Seems the X-Wave 9 had a rep, right from the start. A truely rotten boot.
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I am 6'2'', 210lbs and wear the Salomons Xwave 9 for 2 years at 28,5 (sneaker at 11,5), with Falke sk4 socks. I consider them as the best boots I 've ever had (the flex 100 slightly soft for me; perhaps switch to Xwave 10 in the future)
I have faced 'arch pain' many times. Last winter I discussed it with a very experienced bootfitter (Mr Bill Baker) in Julensport/Zermatt/Swiss. His comments:1. Typical early season problem, specially to less fit skiers. 2. Don't buckle unevenly and at any case don't buckle tight! 3. Hard off-season shoes (wooden heels) aggravate the problem. 4. Bad stance on hard/icy terrain aggravate it also. His actions: slightly grinded the footbed below the arch; it really helped.
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Your boots are to big.My bootfitter told me that the XWaves are bigger than the shell size states.I wear a 11.5 wide street shoe and was fitted to a 27 shell.He has people calling him all the time trying to correct Sollys that were purchased to big.Find a better/different bootfitter.
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I'm gonna jump on with everyone else here. I have the X-wave 9s and they are about as comfortable as i could ever imagine. I wear a 12 street shoe and i'm in a 28.5 with custom shell and footbed.

Also, salomon is not made for a wide foot. I would suggest going to a professional fitting shop and get custom liner/foot bed. I used to rent boots in a 29.5 and i can tell you that the 28.5 felt a little tight at first, but now it's absolutely amazing. I don't have to have them overly tight and yet my foot doesn't even come close to even raising up a bit.
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