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Utah Help/Info.

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Simple question. I'm going to be in Utah the first weekend in Jan. and need some specific info.

Which of the following resorts will have the least crowds typically that weekend ? Usually less crowded on a Sunday there ?

Powder mtn

I'm skiing with a strong level 7 that weekend who likes groomers and light managable powder, and not a huge fan of trees and bumps. Any hints on the above mentioned areas would help too. THANKS !
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Snowbasin and Powder Mountain will always have fewer people, always.

Snowbasin has some of the best groomers around. Long and uncrowded.
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Snowbasin - #1 choice, seems everyone loves this place, including me.
PCMR or Canyons or Deer Valley - #2
Alta if the snow is crappy at Snowbasin and PCMR

Solitude & Powder Mtn - not really the place for groomers
Crowds probably NOT an issue at any of these resorts that weekend, definetely not at Snowbasin, Solitude or Powder Mtn
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Uncle Louie, Snowbasin will have a crowd of EpicSkiers on the Friday, and PCMR will have them on the Saturday and Sunday.
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In order of preference on a weekend from your list.

Snowbasin= less crowds, excelent groomers
Powdermountain= even less crowds than above, a few good groomers but fairly wide open
Solitude= moderate crowds, decent groomers
PCMR= heavy crowds, excellent groomers
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Reading Fox's post made me realize I had the wrong month up.....I edited.

I'm there the first weekend in January....otherwise there is no question I would be skiing with all the other Bears for the gathering....(couldn't pull it off this year....but next year---well....just go ahead and sign me up now!)
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I agree with everything that has beed said so far.

I'll be there the same week but plan on hitting Solitude that weekend. I always go to Powder and Snowbasin the day AFTER it snows. Due to pretty much non-existent crowds, the snow last 2-3 days up there, as opposed to 20 minutes at the mega resorts.
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The first weekend in January(7-8th?) won't be crowded anywhere. You'll have Snowbasin all to yourself. Have fun!
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