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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
Mine are set up for a 305 shell. I am not sure I want to play around with adjusting them, Neox's are a PITA to adjust. Either way, I also will be there with a bunch of guys (12-14 or so). We will be hung over from the night before and we should be still drinking. We will pick a meet time.
No problem Phil. Thanks for the offer anyway. By that time I should already have demoed both the M11 and the B5 and will hopefully have made up my mind. It sounds like it will be fun to all ski together (especially in that state of mind!)
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re: 8800 vs 8000

Originally Posted by madskier6
Bushman: Very interesting impressions of the 8800. I have heard good things about them and the 8000 but believed (and was advised by others) that if I'm skiing mostly in the East and looking for the one ski to serve most purposes, the 8000 is better as it generally handles the hardpack better. I am definitely going to demo the 8000 but may be I should also try the 8800.

I see that in your quiver, you have the SkiCross for hardpack days and the 8800 for powder and soft snow days. At this point, I'm looking for one ski to serve both masters as well as possible as cost is an issue for me. I see from your previous posts (on other threads) that you either have, or were considering buying, a pair of the 8000s. If you have both, how do they compare for your basic, bread and butter Sugarbush day on the slopes? I would think the 8000 would have more versatility on those kinds of days (i.e. non-powder days).

Also very interesting that we're both from Western MA and have places in the MRV. I'll send you a PM for more specifics on this. Perhaps we could take a few runs together one of these weekends (after it stops raining).
Yes I originally got the 8800 thinking I'd use it only for deeper stuff, but have found that it is awesome on sketchy snow and turns quickly also. I find myself skiing on the 8800 almost exclusively now even though I am usually in the MRV. You should definitely demo the 8800 if you are considering the 8000. I wanted a fatter ski since I was going shorter than I usually do. NOTE - If you do demo it, have them move the centerpoint back 1 cm when they adjust the demo bindings.
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