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Warm, flexible gloves

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I'm new to the board so please forgive me if you've been over this topic before but I need help finding a good glove. I need a warm glove that I can still move in. I think I want a women's specific glove because they seem to fit my hands better. I currently have Grandoe gloves that I don't really like. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Oh I forgot to tell you, I like a short cuff that I can tuck under my sleeve!
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Have you considered mittens? My 21 year old daughter has always had problems with gloves on her small hands and found mittens to be warmer and more comfortable. She uses Marmot Randonee mittens when its really cold and some cheaper ones the rest of the time.
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SWANY has some really nice soft leather in theirs, but make sure you get a women's model: the men's models tend to fit smallish hands with really loooong fingers. Marker's Montana glove, and some of the Scotts are nice, soft and supple too.

For tucking under a sleeve look at gloves with a sweater-style knit cuff. Reusch puts it on the Apollon Super G, which has fairly stiff protective fingers, but you might be able to find knit cuffs in a non-race glove.

You didn't mention which Grandoe you have, but those tend to be pretty warm if bulky. You may give up some warmth going to a different brand.

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I just bought a pair of SWANY mittens that have a unique feature. There is a glove insert (fleece) that is really warm the best part is there is a zipper extending the length of your index finger so if you need to get to something, zip open and you've got your fingers right there. GREAT. Only $52 when I was a Jackson Hole last week. good luck!
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I like my Grandoe's GCS (glove component system)o with the big cuff's the cuff help to keep the wind out as well as Powder. They make a womens glove also. They may not be cheap but they are great. I think they have stopped making the gloves that I have. My newest pair is about three years old. I wear them most every time I ski. I ski 60+ days a season.
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Last season i bought a pair of Rossignol freeride gloves with a waterproof membrane and primaloft insulation. I just wanted a warm glove like you and with a waterproof membrane. I had a few surprises with them. The membrane was fine but the problem was the insulation called prilmaloft as i have said. Why? Because it's not warm enough and my fingers were cold on a couple of ocasions and also because it compressed over time. The gloves are still in good shape, no problems with their quality.
My advice for you is the following: choose the gloves after carefully studying the properties of each model that you have on the list and also make sure that the insulation is tested enough and warm.Make sure that the insulation doesn't affect dexterity too much.

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If you want to try something a little different and cheap, take a look at Manzella:

I just bought a pair very similar to these for $20 on sale. They have a nice, loose fit without masses of insulation - just a thinsulate inner glove built into shell. My hands stay very warm - too warm actually. So far I've had them down to 10F and been very comfy. I like these much better than my old, NASA-inspired, super-bulky, Mission-To-Mars specials.

Another combo I've had great luck with is liner gloves (I really like the Manzella's) and O.R. mitten shells. Unfortunately, the mitten shells became very popular and VERY expensive with the advent of snowboarding...good luck finding a pair for under 65 smackers (used to be $25):

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I have a pair of the Swany mittens that bayview described and really like them. Has anyone ever seen a kids' version? My daughter is 10 and is all over me to get her some like mine.
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For the last 5 years I've used Cabelas elkskin, Thinsulate- lined gloves [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] smeared with about 4 coats of Snowseal. These retail for about $27 and last for 1 season. I ski in them 40+ days a year and they have held up extremely well. I have used them in ambient temperatures down to -5 degrees F, with windchills down to -35 degrees F and have still managed to keep my hands and fingers warm. Their only drawback is that they get too hot in the spring.
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I want to try the gloves from pmgearusa.com for my next pair.

They were discussed in this thread:

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heard nothing but great things about the pmgear stuff. I use a pair of insulated gore-tex EMS mittens. Only problem I have is my hands can get too hot in em.
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Originally posted by lurking bear:
I want to try the gloves from pmgearusa.com for my next pair.

They were discussed in this thread:

Last I heard, they're on back order (maybe the fine testimonials brought that on?).
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