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bending ski poles...

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ok.. i am waiting for my new poles in the mail and unfortunatly wil not have them for my christmas trip so i will have to use my dad's old ass very thick aluminum ones, but they still look pretty nice actually, they are aluminum is ther any way to bend them into the shape of a racing pole lol??? they are some colt brand made in austria.
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Why do you want them bent?
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Easy answer here. Loan them to my 13 year old, and he'll bend them in a heartbeat.
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ummm.. i dunno i only need them for this week, after that they will go back to the basement... i want them to look "better". i just want to know if it's possible. because when i was at the store one guy told me that modern aluminum ski poles aare so thin they will crack when bent, and the old ones,(thick) will bend.
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Unless they are "shaped" like wing shape for aerodynamics they can be bent. You just need the right equipment. Generally you need something round to bend them around. The thing you want them to bend around should support the pole around most of it's surface so it doesn't want to flatten or deform. A plumbers bender might work or electrician's conduit bender but usually these make much tighter bends than you want.

If it's only for a week and only for looks don't bother. Personally I think they look strange. I understand the need for racing but for general skiing, I think straight or the slight bend at the handle (like Leki has) is cooler looking.

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Originally Posted by Coach13
Easy answer here. Loan them to my 13 year old, and he'll bend them in a heartbeat.
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Must.... contain... laughter.... bahahahhahhahahhahahahhah.

not at the 13 yo comment, either.
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: Why would you want to bend straight poles anyway?
Do not attempt this or you will be skiing without poles on your Christmas ski trip!:
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Like aerodynamic racing stripes, designed to make u go faster :
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Bend Old Poles

Last time I wanted to look COOL, I didn't bend my fathers old poles. I dressed up like Superman - oh sorry that was a long time ago and it was Halloween not Christmas. The last pole I bent was at the SLC Olympics leaning on my graphites "Snap" - that definitely wasn't cool! Really hope you look cool for your Christmas trip - oh theres no snow in Hollywood.
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You can bend any pole made from a circular shaft pretty easy. However, the higher grade shafts are much more tricky than the lower grade shaft. If it is an old aluminum pole it will probably bend really easy. As has been mentioned, a conduit bender will work. A few years ago when I needed the need to create/modify DH or SG poles I made my own bender. I also used to pack the shafts full of sand to prevent local buckling. Probably will take you some time to do it right so if you don't plan to use these poles more than a few days it may not be worth it. You can probably survive looking a little un-cool.
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i mite not have to bend them after all because when i enter the tracking number for my poles they have just entered the sortation plant in my town so maybe i will get them tommorow!!!

2005/12/23 12:35 MISSISSAUGA, ON Item accepted and entered into sortation plant 2005/12/21 15:01
International item has arrived in the destination country
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where did u buy ur poles ,and what pole ...
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