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Originally Posted by SLATZ
The description of what he did to the boots was that he raised the heels. That means to stay FIS legal he had to lower the footbed at the heel.
This does not make any sence to me..... in a way he is skiing with a negative ramp angle!!!
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No offence guys....

Originally Posted by ant
...I love to watch him fly down a course, I love the way he socks it to the technical Euro crowd, I just think he's the ultimate...
Ill second what you said about Tomba and Bode is if not the ultimate a very entertaining caracter, excellent skier and nice media person but I must object your statement about the Euro crowd!!! Its funny some of you guys see little or no difference in us Europeans. I even see a huge difference between Pranger and Reich and they are both Austrian. We dont see us as Europeans competing against Americans. Here in Finland we watch Palander race against Rocca, Reich, Bode, Grandi on equal terms in regards to nationalities.

This is a little bit off topic but do you remember the Hot Dog moovie from the 80's..... the Austrian cheating german speaking spitting black dressed schnaps drinking A**Hole team (how do you make really angry read smilys???) against the smooth talking good old American hard working beer drinking funny loving and fair college student and ski bumb crowd? (how do you make wide laughing green smilys???) LOL it was a good moovie and I enjoyed every bit of the faked US vs the Austrian rivallery but it was still just a Holliwood moovie.
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You must remember that for years we've been utterly dominated by the europeans in ski racing, which is a position our "national pride" is not comfortable with. Since we are so geologically separated from our european brethren, we tend to see it as much more "us vs them" than they might. The scrappy, uncouth underdog has always been the cultural hero.

I appreciate racers from all nationalities. What the Italians and Norwegians are doing this year is awesome. I like to see the results spread out a little more, and hope Switzerland and Germany can pull it together soon. France can fade for all I care. Seriously though, it's about racing, and while I like to see the hometown boy do well, I also like to see anyone laying it down and getting results.
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Read His Book

Originally Posted by Rick
It's been a long, long time since Bode consistently kicked butt in slalom. Again today he didn't make it to the second run, and as a result has relinquished his overall lead in the WC standings.

Can you guys identify what his problem is, from a technical standpoint (not mental)? What's changed in his skiing since those days when he ruled slalom by big margins? If you nail it, it should provide a good lesson for recreational skiers.
I suggest you read his new book "Go Faster, Be Good, Have Fun". It is a great insight to Bode and you may be surprised his simple answer to your question!
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The height of the heel in the boot must be no more than 45mm. If you raise the heel outside the boot you have to lower it inside to 45mm. Theoretically if he only raised the heel then lowered the footbed back to 45mm the ramp angle would be the same.
This was the issue that he got in trouble for last weekend. He refused to submit his boots for the test.
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Originally Posted by SLATZ
The height of the heel in the boot must be no more than 45mm. If you raise the heel outside the boot you have to lower it inside to 45mm. Theoretically if he only raised the heel then lowered the footbed back to 45mm the ramp angle would be the same.
This was the issue that he got in trouble for last weekend. He refused to submit his boots for the test.
Im very confused..... The height between the bottom of the ski base and the bottom of the boot is 55mm. And the height between the bottom of the boot and the top of the footbead is 45mm. If you raise the heel outside the boot with 10mm and lowered the footbead your foot would still be in the exact same position in ref. to the binding..... but not in ref. to the boot itself. The boot would have a stronger forward lean. But why not just make boots with more forward lean? I think that he did exactly what you said he did, added stuff to the bottom of the outside of the boot but did not lower the footbead. Thats why he did not give them to the officials. I know I cannot ski well with only a 55mm base of ski to bottom of boot. I need an additional minimum of 5-8mm. I dont race but it makes a huge difference.
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My bet is that Bode's boots were legal and he was just being Bode. Even laid-back hippies (as he's been painted) have their bad days, and his bad days usually end up with him throwing a tantrum if he doesn't get his way. He did it at nationals here a couple years ago, and it wasn't pretty. He lost a few fans that day.
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You've got it right. The boot has more forward lean which means that the ankle is flexed more inside the boot. My thought is the ankle is approaching the end of it's range of motion making it harder to flex farther forward(and harder to pressure the front of the ski) They could make the boot that way but it seems only Bode wants it that way (Raich is more upright) so they probably do some mod to it. I doubt that Bode's boots were illegal. I do suspect there is a corellation to his boot angle and his slalom results.
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I'm almost certain Bode is skiing on legal boots. As Alaska Mike suggested, the reason he threw a fit when they wanted to test his boots was he was just being Bode. His view: he wasn't going to qualify for the second run anyway, so what difference did it make?

The tweaks Bode has made that people are talking about aren't something he did two weeks ago, but something he's done over the course of years. If he'd been skiing on illegal boots, he'd have been caught repeatedly. If it was something he just did last week, he can count on getting caught soon, most likely in a race he does well in. You can be assured that if he'd won the race before he refused to turn in his boots, they'd have disqualified him, and not just fined him.

Bode does have multiple pairs of boots. There was a brief shot of them in one of the "Bode on the Bus" things last season (see, there was some useful information on those shows ... even if it wasn't obvious). I was surprised he had that many, actually. It's possible they're not differentiated by event, though that would sort of make sense.

Also, the difference in the forward lean is fairly modest. Raising the heel of a boot with a 300mm sole by 10mm creates about a 2 degree angle. There are a lot easier and more effective ways to increase forward lean, particularly if you're the most successful endorser of a brand with a lot of race support.
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I never said the boots were illegal. Just the opposite. He said he raised the heels to get his hips forward. That means the footbeds would have to be lowered to stay legal, putting the ankle in a more flexed position inside the boot.
This article came out about the time he started having trouble in slalom. In fact, I don't think he's finished five WC slaloms since then. The boots in question at the time were Nordica Dobermans. He now skis Atomic. What I did was look at the latest slalom at Kranjska Gora and compare his shin angles during transition to Benji Raich (who also skis Atomic). Bode's knees were over his toes while Benji's were about half as far forward. I too saw the boots in his bus but I read somewhere before that he doesn't believe in changing his setup for different events. I also don't doubt that Atomic will build him any cofiguration he wants. It just appears that's what he's using. I'm only speculating based on what I've read and observed. For years the usual setup for slalom has been an upright, stiff cuff so that the tips can be pressured quickly and easily. I belive that this thread began with the observation that Bode doesn't seem to be able to pressure the front of his skis very well in slalom.
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When I turned on my Tivo Sunday night I heard the announcer say "Bode's got new boots and skis". Lo and behold he finished a slalom. He had the fastest second run.
I replayed it in slow motion and froze it during transition. No more knees ahead of toes : More forward than Raich but about half what it had been.
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He must have started reading this board.
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nah - his coach did
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