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I over drilled it now what?

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2 am in the mornings is not a do idea to do mounting. I over drilled my ski by just a little....now what what can I do to plug this hole? what do I need to get or should I just wax it and iqnore it?......no bashing plz about not getting a pro...i feel bad enough already.........NEVER happen before the safety thing on my drill bit move up a bit so it's not my fault

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Mount the bindings.
Drip some epoxy into the hole.
Keep it "down' from the ptex
surface. Let it dry.
Make a ptex repair.
Buy these. (In sizes that you need)
https://www.artechski.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=A&Product_Code =8205&Category_Code=049
Drill stops don't always hold.
But then you know that.
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thanks buddy I drop it off at the shop for fill up ....had it with my cheapness 1st time in myself I ruin a ski.....o well better now than later
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Now you can use molly bolts.
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Well they should be ready tomorrow ......no matter what the fill up jobs only $10 better than me ruining it even more.

also I got my passing letter for the hardest part of my architect lisc. exam(contruction stuff)(damn those IT people for using that word) so that beats everything even ruining my ski
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