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Salomon Bindings safe? 914Pe2

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First of all I'm not a big fan of Salomon bindings. Problem, just bought a pair of skis with 914 Pe2's on them. Skiied 3 days so there in good condition. My problem is with the lack of release options with the Salomon's. No upward toe release and the lack of heel release options. My other skis have Tyrolia full diagonal's or Look/Rossi turntables. Are the Salomon's as safe? The Pe2 function is nice but I think I'm going to try and find a upper end Tyrolia to mount as they tend to have a bit more lift than the standard Look's.

Peoples thoughts on the Salomon safety would be appreciated. Should I keep them or swap them? Post here or e-mail slambson@ida.net
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Assuming you bought a used pair of skis. If you had concerns about the binding why did you buy the skis? I have from time to time thought about the release options on different bindings. I like Marker or Atomic. I'm not convinced that one is safer than the other. The uppward release is a nice feature, is it safer? That is for some medical study to determine. I do know the at Sugarbush they are doing a study on leg injuryies to kids, (thanks to my son). May be someone from there Medical staff can help you out. When I broke my leg 4 years ago I asked a buddy at the ski shop if the binding with the heal piece pivot would have helped, he said he could be sure.
What I have been doing to my own bindings is set the din a bit lower then the shops set it at. I would rather the ski come off in a fall than have it attached to my leg.
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I use only salomon bindings mainly because i used to ski on only salomon skis, so i have a lot of salomon race plates that require the bindings. I use them because thats what came with the skis. I have never had a release problem with any salomon products, unless for some reason the adjustments on the toe peice got tampered with, then they just fall off. They have a great solid feel when you ski on them and the release is always as smooth as glass. As for not being safe, i think they are very safe. Ive taken a lot of falls on them and they come off just fine. I wouldnt worry about the binding. If salomon was making an unsafe product they wouldnt be one of the top binding manufacturers in the world... they may even be top at this point, for some reason i think they may be aheaad of tyrolia now. I prefer to not have the upward release in the toe, incase im in the back seat in a race - my skis wont pop off. Everyone i race with that uses atomic turns off the upward release anyways... not to mention they also put the foreward pressure way way up on them because for some reason the newer atomic bindings were falling off left and right this season... I wouldnt worry about how the mechanism works really, just trust that they will come off. All bindings essentially do the same thing. These days you cant buy a bad binding.

PS. If you really dont want them i would be more than happy to take them off your hands. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I've recently gone to Look/Rossi bindings, mostly because I like the feel and ease of getting into them in powder. I've never had a problem with Salomons though and I've used them for years. If you really don't feel comfortable using them - sell them and put what you want on there. But I don't think it's really a safety issue - and with good bindings already on the skis I'd think it would be a shame to redrill them. (Markers would be another story - I just wrecked my thumb last week because a Marker demo binding prereleased. Ugh.)
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Lawyers and sue happy consumers have made sure that unsafe bindings are no longer available in the new lines. If you just don't like the feel of them, replace them but not because they are "unsafe".

I'm sure someone here would be happy to take them off your hands if you want to re-drill and re-mount your skis/bindings.
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I've had Salomon bindings since for the past 20+ years and never had an issue with them (I also had some Look and Tyrolia, and cheapo Markers on one pair of ski). They always released when I needed them to. If they prereleased it was because my DIN setting was wrong.

You should not have any problem with the bindings. Just make sure they're set correctly. For a DIN table, see http://kofa.as.arizona.edu/skiing/markerDIN.html (http://kofa.as.arizona.edu/skiing/din.html if you want access to another one). This is the same table I have from the Salomon technical manual.

Your bindings will require other adjustments. If you don't know which ones, or how to make them, have a pro do it.

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I guess my question was one more of relativity. They are of course safe. Just wondering if it would be worth it to look to another brand. I hear Salomon is introducing their new line with upwards releases so they must have recognised the upward release as a valuable function.

Any thoughts on safety concerns for standard step in heels and turntable heels or the Tyrolia diagonal?

To address some of the replies. Skis were a pair I wanted badly. Stores sold out quickly. Got a good enough deal that they were worth at least what I paid without the bindings. I rarely come out of my bindings and I ski mine at 6-8 depending on binding (160Ibs.) but when I do it's generally catastrophic, at high speeds and generally in questionable terrain.

Just a comment to Altagirl, I watched a demo day at the local resort by a local shop and those guys were doing a poor job of sending the skis out. Most had rossi pivots but those guys were slapping people in who obviously did not have the forward pressure set up correctly. They were not checking the forward pressure at all. Several guys they sent out where one to two settings loose on the demos. If you do a demo make sure they do a full check and it always helps to understand how the binding your demoing is suppose to be set up. Every manufacturer has a different style indicator of forward pressure.
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Oh, one other downside to this model. It's HEAVY at 1570g a pair. Why did they not make a 914 Ti Pe2?
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Originally posted by slambson:
I hear Salomon is introducing their new line with upwards releases so they must have recognised the upward release as a valuable function.
Or they recognized upward release as a valuable marketing tool.

Tyrolias are the only bindings I haven't skied recently (my last pair was from 95 or so), but IMO Look/Rossi and Salomon are the best bindings on the market. Once I got my Salomons dialed, I have never had pre-release problems, nor have a tweaked my knees. Ditto for Look/Rossi.

Markers I could never get to work right, and constant problems in bumps and trees. Atomics I liked, but were heavy, and a pain to get into in deep snow.

I'm still not sure I recognize the value of any of the diagonal release systems. Until they are properly linked to the DIN settings (which companies are still working on), I think they only cause problems. I have had better luck with my Fritschi Freerides (as simple as it gets in terms of release) than the more complex binding systems.
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What Heluva Skier said!

There is not a bad binding out there, but IMHO, rather bindings not right for a specific application. Salomon makes upward releasing bindings (Quadrax Toe), but their philosophy has been that high performance bindings do not warrant upward release. Atomic gives you a choice, but as stated, many racers turn the upward release off. I would say that if it gives you the peace of mind, go with a different binding. I have been using Sallie's for the past 3 seasons on my fat and park skis with no problems. I hope that pounding big airs on 40-50' table-tops warrants a claim of "handles abuse" and "have been safe for me". I did originally dislocate my should badly while skiing (over shooting a landing and hitting the flats), but that was on a pair of Markers!
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At DIN 8, you really didn't need a DIN 14 binding so you could have saved some weight. I wouldn't make a switch if you lose more than a few bucks. 90% of my 30 years skiing has been on Salomon without a leg injury. Doesn't mean it is safer than any other brand though. As for marketed release features, I read about one study that concluded the design of skis and boots is the problem in the famous backward twisting fall - the ACL will be torn before enough pressure is placed on the binding in any direction. Of course this is just a study on theory. As for other bindings, I am extremely happy with my 412s this season, especially in conjunction with the new atomic race plate. I am thinking about the Tyrolia railflex on my Stocklis next season.
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