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I called about ski rentals and demos at Christy Sports/Superior Ski at Snowbird, which is Steve Bagley's shop, and our equipment headquarters at ESA. They won't do a special deal for our group (they just don't do 'em) but the price of demos will apply to purchase. You can't reserve demos (they're first come first served) but you can reserve rentals. Call the number on the link.

The shop has virtually every major ski/boot brand represented on their walls.
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Thanks, nolo! I hadn't realized that Steve was in the SportStalker store (and the same Steve!). Thanks for that!
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Originally Posted by ssh
linds, what did you hear in reply?
Neither Steve or Christie Sport replied to my emails about hiring/demos for 14 days!

However after looking at the hire/demo price and with some help from some Epic skiers and http://www.sierrasnowboard.com/ng I have a new pair of skis being delivered to the Cliff Lodge to await my arrival. Excellent price, (good exchange rate at the moment) but I think I may have given Sierra Jim a bit of a suprsise when he realised where I was calling from
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