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Garmont GSM Randonee boots, size 27.5 (9-9.5). Repair/ customization
done to walk-ski mode to make it burlier (replaced pins with bolts).
Very light use on both boots and liners, great light boot just too big
for me. $75

Review below:

"Designing a boot for ski mountaineering—randonnée skiing—is complex.
Boots must be light weight for long ascents, free-hinging to walk and
climb easily, and buckle down securely for difficult descents. The GSM
has been meticulously designed to satisfy all of these needs without
compromise. On the uphills: touring, walking, or climbing the GSM
Compact is very lightweight, compact, and agile. Its anatomical shape
fits close to the foot. The cuff has a free-hinging walk mode with a
wide range of movement. Its sole, low-profile with a comfortable
rocker, is easy-walking and sensitive for climbing. On the downhills:
the Compact is superbly supportive. It is the first ski mountaineering
boot to use over-injection technology (Nexus). Its Nexus cuff has two
stiffnesses of Pebax, one that is softer to wrap securely around your
leg, the other providing a stiff, supportive frame for leverage and
control. These boots will bring out your best turns. Best Use: Alpine
touring Height: 34.5 cm Forward Lean: Locks at 18 or 23 degrees Weight:
1690 gr/ size 27.5"