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Helmet camera

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Anyone using anthing like the camera at the web site below? If so, let me know how you like it and how it works. I think I might cobble together a homemade version. I am willing to spend about $100 - $150, but no more. Ideas???
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I bought a camera mount for 8.00 from ritz camera it is round & has a sqaure piece that mounts to my camera then snaps into the mount,the same as alot of the new tripods,I ground the mount to fit my boeri helmet then I glued it on with marine silicon after testing the angles ect,I moved it a couple of times then I put the silicon & 2 screws thru the mount & helmet,stainless 10-24 oval head screws counter sunk into the mount thru the helmet & washer with self locking nuts,my camera is small a sony trv 11 so the weight is not a problem,you would just not want to crash but this worked great for me,I got to ski with & film the family without having to hold the camera I also filmed some high speed runs on my axis x pro's also a snowmobile trip worked pretty cool, makes for a good summer ski fix wip out the tape & blast down the mountain.
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