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Last year's Volkl P40's

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Am considering adding a strict groomer ski to the quiver for skiing with the family. Looking at some deals on last year's Volkl P40's.

1) Is there a difference besides the lifter/plate between the P40 F1 EnergY and the P40 F1 EnergYrail?

2) Have skied the P40 Platinum and liked it a lot. Seems like a great ski for skiing with the family (that means slower skiing, more skidded turns), but will still carve and handle speeds well. Anyone skied both the Platinum and the F1 EnergY who can comment on the F1's nature at slower speeds? Would love to find some Platinum's, but haven't found any locally yet. So, am considering the F1 EnergY instead.
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P40's...excellent skis...all of them.

The difference between the energY and EnergYrail is...well...almost nothing. You can get the F1 energY and slap on the energYrail and you have the P40 F1 energYrail..just with different colors. Both are VERY nice skis. The energY is, in my opinion, harder to control. Though the energYrail is stiffer, because of the free flex nature of the ski, it feels very easy to control, and also very stable. The best skis i have ever tried (the energyrail).

Go with the platinum if you can find it...order of choice would be 1. EnergyRail due to its free flexing nature and customizability of the plate (easy turn, normal, and acceleration coming out of turn), 2. Platinum because it's softer than the energY so it is easier to turn at slower speeds, and 3. energY because it is probably the hardest to ski out of the 3....i'd give a longer description of each ski, but I'm starting to fall asleep so I will add more tommorrow when I get a chance.

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I'm not sure in what way the F1 Energy is hard to ski.. I demoed the P40 Platinum a couple years ago and enjoyed them. I ended up buying the P40 F1 Energy (198cm) and find them to be a blast to ski.

They are stiff, but that's what I look for in a cruiser.

However I'm not at all sure that these are the right skis for "slower skiing, more skidded turns". They carve extremely well and go extremely fast. www.untracked.com has them for $349 in 198cm.. Seems like a steal to me.

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Thanks, schmeul. I was looking at the same web site at the F1 Energy. My first thought was to go to the Platinum since I've skied it, but I couldn't find any locally and so was trying to get a handle on the EnergY or EnergYrail since those were available both locally and at Untracked. In the meantime, I have found a local shop that has some Platinum's left from last year.

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I dunno...i demoed them a few times this passed season and got tossed around on them quite a bit...i wasn't in the back seat, but I couldn't quite find the sweetspot either. The energy rail on the other hand turned easier and was more stable for some reason. I think the fact that the energy rail is free flexing more so than the energy makes it an easier ski to ski on. Hope that explains my reason why the F1 seemed harder to ski [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Hi Mello, that makes sense. I haven't skied the energyrail (yet - it's taking all my willpower to keep from buying a pair), so it could be that I just don't know what I'm missing.

I assumed when reading up about these skis that the energyrail was a gimmick to boost the price $50, but I have seen several positive comments about it (here and elsewhere) since.

The Platinum is a much softer ski, and probably more up this fellow's alley.

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate the insights.

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