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Volkl AC3's/length?

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Hi everyone; I am a first time poster and appreciate all the good advice I have read here. I have two questions:

1) Is the AC3 a good ski for me?

2) What length should I ski: 170's or 177's?

I am 5'10"; 180lbs; 49 yrs old; good/not great shape; I ski mostly Taos, NM which is a short flight away and am increasingly going out west. I will ski probably 20 days this year as I did last year (which followed a 10 year hiatus called marriage). I am working to progress to Level 9 (10 is a goal but probably unrealistic). I like moguls (not zipperline, but down the fall line); skiing in the trees (but lack confidence here); moguls and trees is where most of my "work" will be this season, along with higher speed carving. I am a level 8 skiier due to "fast" progression last year, as opposed to a level 8 skiier for years--I mention this to better express my "true" skiing ability. Hope all of this makes sense.

I have rented before; Apache Recons (really liked), Bandit B2's (ok), Salomon Scream (didn't like)--all in the mid 160's. Instructor told me my ski's were too short. Two ski shop, experienced skiers debate whether I should go 170 or 177. I don't want to buy 177's and find I can't handle them, and I don't want to buy 170's and find I need or want more.

What say you? And again, thanks for your help!
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I recently purchased the AC3s. I am basically the same ability as you but i am only 5'8" and 140lbs. I was deciding between the ski in a 163 and a 170. I went with the 163 and i would agree with skifordad that the ski is rather quick but at times it lacks stability. I bought the ski primarily for skiing down the zipper line in the moguls and some off-piste skiing so a quicker ski is more important to me. If I get the ski up to a good speed on a groomer, I am able to overpower it a bit but overall I am happy with it so far, but I still have yet to take it out west and really test it.

When i was making my decision someone on this board made a good point saying, "Go for the shortest length that gives you enough stability, or the longest length that'll still turn quickly enough." It all comes down to personal preference, and the type of skiing you are looking to do.

Here is a link to the thread i started and got good feedback on:

I hope this info helps. Good luck!
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Thanks--I went with the 177's

Thanks for the input Your thoughts and Kdubs that added string helped alot. I am taking them to Breckenridge after Christmas. I will find out if I made the right decision then.
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