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First Skis! Ideas and Suggestions Needed

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I have just started to get back into skiing after not skiing for over 10 years. I was always a beginner skier as I never had a lesson before. I am 35 years old 5'11" and weigh 180# and I have taken a few group lessons this season using 150's rental skis and boots. I really enjoy using the new shaped skis. My instructor told me I am a level 6 skier. I have just started doing some of the easier blue slopes and help to start advancing down some steeper ones soon. I need to get over the initial drop in fear.

Most of my skiing will take place in PA, probably Ski Liberty and Ski Roundtop and I would say 70% of my skiing will happen in the night sessions, so the conditions will be hard/icy.

I am looking for a ski I can learn on, but will not be too advanced. I will be seeing a bootfitter next week. I am just trying to get some ideas on length and possible model ideas. Actually any feedback you can give would be helpful.
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Next time you rent try to get 160cm skis. 150cm is a tiny little ski for someone who is 5'11''. It was good to start on something like that to learn how to manuvar your skis but if you purchase your own pair of skis in a 150cm they will be useless once you start to parallel ski and get more aggressive.
At your height and weight you should eventually try to end up on something in the 165ish-170cm range .
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I too am looking into getting my own kit for the first time - so I don't really have any recommendations for you yet - but my experience, age, height & weight are all very similar to yours, so please let me know how your quest goes! (feel free to PM)

I hope to demo the Volkl AC2 in 170cm, with my new Lange CRL 90 boots, at Mt. Shasta this weekend - will let you know how it goes.
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I will give the 160's a try next time. I am a little concerned that the increased length will cause me a few problems, but I am hoping it is until I get use to them.
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What length(s) did you use 10 years ago? When I was on old-school boards I "graduated" from about 165 thru 185 (5'11" like you). Now I'm looking to start demo-ing around 170. I don't have much shaped-board experience, but I've been told "between chin and forehead," and 170 is (literally) on the nose.
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I skied a 185, but I felt that was long for me, maybe because I was a beginner?
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If you are skiing the ski on its tails then it will feel too long. Make sure you keep your weight foward and your arms in front of you; this will help keep you out of the back seat.
There will be a noticible difference in the ski length from 150-160. IMO you are getting yourself all worked up and worried about the length increase. Don't think about and just ski! The only way that I would be worried about this is if someone said forget the 150's and get a pair of 180's. A good ski height for someone just starting out again is about the bottom of your chin.
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A few suggestions:

Rossi Z5 in about a 170
K2 Omni 4.5 or 5.5 in about a 170
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I have no experience with Rossi ski's, but agree wholeheartedley with Coach's recommendation on the K2's.
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