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Dynastar BIGS vs Salomon Super-Mountain?

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I just bought a pair of 194cm Super-Mountains, but am thinking about picking up some 194cm Dynastar BIGS instead... Which ski rips the hardest? I live in Utah and spend most of my time in powder and crud. (If you know where I can get my hands on a pair of used or demo 194cm BIGS w/ the flame graphics and swallow tail please let me know) - Thanks
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I just scored a pair of 194 BIG'S but havent skidem yet.I did put 50+ days on Powertracks last year and they rip.Ive heard nothing but great things about the BIG'S and can't wait to rip it up with them.
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Wouldn't the easiest answer to this question be that the Bigs have about 10mm waist size on the Supers? Looking at the stats, I would have to guess you'd get way more float out of the Bigs.

And, the Bigs have that cool swallow-tail.
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I have a pair of SuperMountains.

I like my pair and I've had many memorable days on them but I'm not sure I'd use SuperMountain and Rip in the same sentence. They're excellent at what they do. Great float in soft snow. Good at powering through the cut-up powder and windblown at moderate speeds. Superb on corn snow and spring mush. Predictable in the trees. At speed, they're not the best since they don't have a Pro Link shock absorbtion system. They're poor performers on anything firm and downright scary on something like groomed death cookies. They're adequate on soft bumps but not exactly lighning quick edge-to-edge.
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You live in UTAH.
go with the bigs!
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I'm biased (I have a pair of BIGS) but the BIGS rip and work great for an everyday ski for me.

Edit: Note I am a 6'3" and 240lbs. so it's a little easier for me to "throw" the skis around<FONT size="1">

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The Supermountains in a 194 is a lot of ski. The BIGs at that length are even more ski. Be careful what you wish for. The BIGs might be a lot more work than you want. You haven't mentioned weight, age, ability or sanity.

Personally, I ski the Supermountains in a 186, I'm 46, 170 pounds, a level 8 or so..... There have been days I wished I had a wider, longer ski for the Rocky Mountain powder and other days I'm glad I don't have a wider, longer ski. If I had a pair of mid-fats I would want something like the BIGs, but since I don't the Supermountain fits the bill better.
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