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Park City to Snowbasin

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Hey folks,

I going to the Gathering at Park City and I am staying in Park City. I don't plan to hire a car. So what are the travel options from Park City to Snowbasin? Is there regular Public Transportation, private vans or shuttle services?

Thanks for the help.

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I'm in a similar situation, staying in Park City but (at this point, anyway) deciding to not rent a vehicle.

I just got off the phone with All Resort Express. They offer a van ride (fits eight) out and back for $280. (The math: $35/per, assuming eight.) Maybe we can get a list going and grab a van?


Maybe drop a thread to this effect in Meet-on-the-Hill?
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You might want to try Park City Transportation. It's vans fit 10.
800 637-3803. Another option is 649-TAXI
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Thanks, Canyons

Park City Transportation refers me back to All Resort, saying "we don't offer that shuttle service." He indicates a group COULD reserve a vehicle...at $75/hr.
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I am also in the same situation, so please LMK if you find any good options.
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I'm posting this in Meet-On-The-Hill. Get a roll-call going...
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If all goes well I would be able to take 3 peaple plus gear over to Snowbasin. I'll post again when I am sure I can ski on that day.
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