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Boot Choice

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I have been telemarking for the last 3 years in Australia.
I currently ski on a pair of Piste pipes by K2 with Rottafella bindings. the only problem with this is my boots, i am skiing with Leather boots ARKOS by Scarpa. I feel that these boots do not have enough stiffness for me and i am unable to afford a pair of New T1 or 2's. i have found a pair of Asolo Telebreeze for $50AUD new. can any one give me information on these boots. I am only going to ski on piste and i like going in the park.

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I do not know anything about the Trailbreeze, but I used to have a pair of ARKOS and I can tell you that once you upgrade from those to plastic boots it is almost an entirely different sport. If I were you I would hold out, save my money, and try and find a used pair of T1s, T2s or Garmonts. For on piste skiing you will immediately improve 100% once you get out of the ARKOS and into a newer stiffer boot. Do you really take those in the park? If so, your balance is so good you will be able to ski T1s in your sleep.
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thanks for that,

for $50 it is a bargain, at the moment i cant afford used T1,2,or 3's as they all sell for over $300 used. The only problem is that they have a weird toe ball hinge,
i found this on the internet
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I have never seen anything like that toe before. It looks like they are designed more for touring and not driving skis in a turn.
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because of not having bellows would it drive the turn easier because of less lateral bending
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You have reached the limit of my knowledge. I bet the folks on Telemark Talk can give you some better answers.
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Did you buy those boots?, Just wondering if you bought those boots, and if so how do they work? The hinge would seem to make the flex of the boot useless. I am curious as to how they function. Since they are called "Telebreeze" I assume that they are made for telemark turns, but unlike any other tele boot on the market. Sometimes different is better.
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I've skied the telebreeze for many years. I've heard negative comments about these boots, but I can't say anything negative about them. Then again, I have nothing to compare to.

I skied them with an old pair of soft mogul skis, and found the setup to turn too easily, with the tails sliding out often. So I switched to a longer, stiffer, GS ski. There was some improvement with high speed handling, as you would expect, but the tails still slide out too easily, even when the skis are freshly sharpened. It could be my technique (I'm self-taught, and haven't experienced anything tele, except for what I noted above). Note: neither of these skis are shaped - just long and straight, with minimal sidecut. I never had a problem turning them with the telebreezes.

Despite others' negative comments, I've found them to be very tele-capable. For $50, what do you have to lose? I expect they'll be an improvement over what you have, and it's a cheap way to improve your setup while saving money for something better.
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tduro, thanks. I've decided to go with a pair of telepro's also by asolo. they are just a little stiffer and higher up my leg. The extra hight is good for the resort and the stiffness will help me drive the skis
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tried them out yet?

Saw a used pair of telepro for sale myself, have you had the chance to try them out yet? What do you think so far?
How about comfort, wide or narrow?

I rented a coulple of crispi but they were a bit too short for me so they gave me a pair of Garmont, i think it was Gara model. Very nice, stiff and high. Like normal slalom boots. But of course they cost 450 euros (90-100 aud)
Also liked the skis they gave me, Rossignol Scratch, fat and carved. Actually worked great both in pist and off pist.

well, wish i had some more money to spend.. $$
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I've not yet tried out the telepro's
i have fitted them and they feel very stiff, medium width of foot, but cant tell you much more until i get to the snow in june. Should be fine for my BC's in a 188. For the price i paid, $60 it is a great deal for a plastic boot
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asolo telebreeze  do you have a photograph of this boot if not does it have a sole hinge  

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Originally Posted by ianoatley View Post

 if not does it have a sole hinge  


Yes, it does.     A chunky-looking bolt-on toepiece.

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i would like to buy a couple of pairs of asolo telebreeze size eur 45 or 46  any clues



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Originally Posted by ianoatley View Post

any clues




For 13 year old boots?    Are you _sure_ you want to do this?   No clues other than the usual: ebay and c-list.    Are you in Oz?

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