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Post your snowboarding pics! - Page 2

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Aspen Grand Prix Slalom

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Unknown Rider, Mammoth Superpipe
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Monarch Pass 4-8-06

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Vail Powder

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March 4-5th at stowe. 2ft of Pow Pow

Ill post more later. This is just me starting to hike the chin at stowe.
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US PGS Junior National Champion Vic Wild, A-Basin, CO
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no pow

didn't get much pow this season, but worked on the butters and such...
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With limited time with my nephew, these days, I rarely get a chance to take pics.
I found this on a disc of pics my sister recently gave me.
This is an example of how amazing the ski/snowboard technology really is.

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BS 5, Mammoth, Ca.

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Great 540 pic B2!

FYI - the hosting server was a little slow this morning and the pic would not download completely in my browser and the resulting animation was real slow and incomplete. I was able to "save target as" and view the animation using a little tool Microsoft GIF animator (originally came with Frontpage - I don't think this is officially available any more - but I found this for a source). If you want to view the animation in even slower motion, you will need a GIF tool.
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