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Post your snowboarding pics!

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If you have any pictures of you or your buddies riding, post 'em up here!

If you have any good boarding stoke period, post it up here!

We need some snowboard stoke on this site!

All of these shots of me were taken at Snowbird:

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No - they didn't let me drive.
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Nice! Where is that?
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Here's one for you.
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Heli was in Girdwood, AK with Chugach Powder Guides.
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My Niece and Nephew, First day on a snow board, after a 2 hour lesson.
Age 10 and 7 (few years ago)

Sugarbowl 2003
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Originally Posted by Vailboarder
Here's one for you.
Very nice chute. Where was the photo taken?
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Wow, must have been a good lesson. That was great!

How old were they when they switched to skis?
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Actually both had been skiing for several years (started both at age 3) and both are surfer's (started surfing at age 5 or 6) so not a big suprise but they had a blast!
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Originally Posted by boarderline
Very nice chute. Where was the photo taken?

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More pictures please!
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My son at Santa Fe last year. riding grass this year
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From last weekend at Snowbird:



My buddy D:


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I'll play. Nothing very exciting, but a couple of photos nonetheless. We need to get waaaaaaay better at taking pictures when something exciting is happening, rather than pulling the camera out late in the day because, "oh, no, we forgot to take any pictures!"

Here's my brother-in-law headed to Copper Bowl from the top of the Poma. He'd just come up from sea level, so he wasn't so stoked on the *traverse,* but the scenery was good. . .

And here's my husband a few weeks ago at Vail, under Iron Mask, in the dumping down snow.

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From Berthoud Pass.

I'll have to post a few more tomorrow.
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its been so dry down here that all i have is pics of stoke

thats me in the black hat.
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Spanky and Lancelot lynx like to chase boarders....
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Note to Max Capacity - you have no idea how much pain I'm in right now. This is like Roger Rabbit and "shave and a haircut".
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Originally Posted by vlad

Spanky and Lancelot lynx like to chase boarders....
er...at least boarders they know.
lance can run like the wind on snow....
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I think I would take up snowboarding because my daughter makes it look so fun....

But then, I realize the pain potential, and at my age....

(This is the real deal face plant folks! Snowbird 3/1/06)
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Apparently my friends cannot operate a camera while I have a snowboard attached to my feet...went out yesterday 1/2 day morning board and 1/2 day afternoon ski (w/ camera the whole time). The only semi-decent pics they got all day came in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, I'm not nearly as comfortable taking air on a snowboard as I am on skis...so here's my cheater shot!
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nice toe to toe B-2...
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poster i came across on the net

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An ok pow day on Berthoud Pass.
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no pow here unfortunately. just been entertaining myself on any features i can find.

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Me in the Vasquez Cirque at MaryJane. Snow looks soft although after dropping 20+ feet it didnt feel too good

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