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Softshell Questions

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It looks like I'm going to have to replace ALL of my ski gear due to a family conflict.

As a starting point, I need a jacket. I was thinking that a softshell would be the most versatile choice, and I am in the process of educating myself about them.

The cloudveil jackets seem to look good, especially using the promo code mentioned in another thread. I know that people rave about Arcteryx, but I find their graphics and design to be bland and boring.

Much of Cloudveil's line uses the schoeller fabric as a medium of waterproofing. Can anyone comment on its effectiveness as a moisture barrier?

More specifically, can anyone comment on their spacewalk jacket? It seems to have lots of pockets and an acceptable level of insulation.

Any advice or other suggestions are appreciated.
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No one has a softshell or any experience with them?
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I have the Cloudveil Serendipity softshell. Used it most of last season. Breathes really well, decent wind-resistance and water-repellancy (fine for snow, haven't tested it in rain). Wore just that with expedition-weight Patagonia capilene fleece top down to low teens on windy day. The breathability of softshells are really great. I wouldn't wear one in a blizzard, though. Mine doesn't come with insulation, but probably a good idea, then you can go with thinner base layer.
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I have a Fila soft shell (the model used by the Italian Ski Team). I love it. It uses the Schoeller fabric.
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