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Sugarbowl over the past few years has been focusing on Families.

The new Pavilion is a great example.

The rental shop and ticketing area in the pavilion is specifically for people taking lessons. With kids, once the tickets and lessons are paid for the kids are taken to a separate location. The kids are checked into the ski school before the rental fitting process. We then let the kids play, get dressed, (help is provided by our staff) etc. They have their own rental area The staff helps them get dressed to go on the snow, verify they have sunscreen, have used the bathroom etc. Once they are checked into the program the parents are free to leave until the lesson ends or the end of the day. Parents are not allowed in the kids area of the pavilion for their and the kids safety.

If all the arrangements and payments are made in advance, we have been known to take a curb side drop off from a family and take the kids right into the pavilion. Then the parents are free to go ski, or do what ever they want. We try to have knowledgable staff ready to answer questions while people wait in the ticket line so that when you actually get to the cashier, all you do is pay and get sped right through the process.

The programs include child care with some snow and ski play (Sugar Bears) and they have a staff of people licensed to provide child care.

Base camp, for 4-6 year olds. which is more skiing and less child care.

Summit adventure camp 7-12 is either half day or all day skiing or snow boarding. The groups are split based on ability level.

For all day programs meals are included. for more info