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Copper Rocks for Kids

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Today was unbelievable for us at Copper. Union Creek is open. Jane was all over that place. Skied with Janesmom in front. Lots of great snow. Timberline was packed so we went looking all over the West Side - Soliloquy/Roundabout/West Ten Mile/Fairway/Prospector - I know you guys don't care, but the Green terrain was just a blast all over. Once you got above Kokomo it was great for the kids/beginners - crowds were minimal. Lots of great snow. It was the North Pole as far as Jane was concerned - heaven right here off I-70.

I snuck away and went up Sierra to Timber Ridge and peered over the edge on some of that Black terrain. I was in awe of the teenagers throwing themselves off that little ridge - didn't stop me from saving it for another day. I feel great on my skis. What a blast.
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Couldn't agree with you more! Copper has been our favorite ski area for years and it has to do with their great ski/ride school which has been a huge hit with both our kids. Now I just need to convince my daughter that there is more to the mountain than the Lumberjack lift.
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What annoyed me was how long it took Copper to open Union Creek. I kept asking week after week and all I got was lame excuses. I think Copper is that best place for kids (although I hear that Loveland has a good beginners area too). Union Creek is just an ideal setup with great long wide green runs.

My son gets back from Florida tomorrow - it's been about 4 weeks since he broke his leg. In a few weeks I'll give him his new ski gear for his 6th birthday (he should have the cast off by then) - I'm praying that he'll want to ski again this season - I think I like Union Creek more than he does!
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Yes. Also (always looking to make things a little better - as I know you are Noodler).

1. It needs to be easier to get to the Tenderfoot Magic Carpet from the Schoolhouse/lodge - that walk under the Highpoint lift is comical for new families. The bus stop/walking entrance could be uphill from where it is to give you the option to walk straight over to the carpet and leave your skis (what we do now). Every little bit helps in the morning.

2. There needs to be some of that plastic fence between the Tenderfoot magic carpet practice slope and the run into the lodge. Keeping the new skiers enclosed is good for everyone. Also, the last section of Vein Glory could use some thought.

3. First time skiers should be gated/given a sticker to ride the Kokomo lift or some way of proving they can at least stop at will - the magic carpet is a frustrating place to be and I have seen some pretty out of control folks on Kokomo - don't let it fool you - this can be a tricky area. Head over to West Ten Mile if you can manage Kokomo lift to Lumberjack lift for new skiers.

4. Lumberjack lift needs a 'bar' on the chairs - it is slow and full of new skiers and kids. I realize my own paranoia where this is concerned.

We love Union Creek. Fairway is a ton of fun as is Roundabout. And there's no music blaring at the base.
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