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Lift Ticket Advice?

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First, I am a newby here and this is my first post. I discovered this forum last year when my brother and I were planning our first trip to Colorado and I was able to glean some useful information and we had a great time. This year I am planning a ski trip with my daughter and several siblings to Breckenridge in March for 4 days of skiing. I have a condo reserved via VRBO and have a question about the lift tickets. It seems my choices are: buying in advance from Peaks @$260 or $65/day; or stopping in Denver and buying from King Soopers or Safeway. My questions are: can I buy the same 4-day pass from either King Sooper or Safeway that I would get from Peaks? If so, how much are they? Also, will the 4-day ticket price from Peaks likely increase between now and early March? If so, do they give advance notice of this happening or just implement the increase immediately? Thank you.
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your best bet

Your best bet is to wait until after the holidays to see what the Supermarket prices will be for the 3/4/5 day lift ticket options. Typically they are cheaper than Peaks advanced purchase. Two options -Key/A-Bason/Breck or with Vail/BC.

Some years, the supermarkets near Denver have better prices than Silverthorne/Dillon and other years they are they same (like last year).

maybe post what you find out..

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