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Hand me down strategies

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My kids are teenagers now and I still shift skis between family members;

Am I the only one?

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I have a 10, 7, and 3 year old. The 2 older ones are skiing hand me downs that were purchased as used. I teach them to ski myself. The 3 year old has 2 more years to go b4 I take here out (I teach them to ice skate first). I plan on using this strategy until they can buy their own skis. It is the only way I could possibly afford to take them skiing.

I know several people who do this as well.
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I've found it's more economical and allows for better quality equipment than seasonal rentals for my 3 kids. Thank you, eBay! (And epic's swap section).

Boots are the biggest problem though, this year only 2 out of 3 are fitting in boots we own, and no. 3 is growing so fast I did a seasonal rental at a local shop.

Actually if you take the binding adjustments and tuneups into account, it may cost more than seasonal rentals - but at least they're skiing on decent equipment. Of course if you do the tech work yourself it's not a factor, but I'm not even going to try with their safety at issue.

Also I don't like the risk of retail replacement cost if rented skis are ripped off or broken.
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Alright!! This is a thread where we separate the DINKs (double income no kids) from the SINKs (single income numerous kids :-)
What do you call hand-me-downs that were purchased at ski swaps to begin with? I guess you could say my kids ride on double-timing retreads? One of my four (Miss Contrary) is not so avid and only gets out a couple times a year. She's on ancient non-shaped skis. The others have better stuff. My interest in investing correlates with their interest in participating. Miss Contrary has a snowboarder boyfriend now, so maybe she'll cross over to the dark side. Already have a hand-me down board waiting in garage that one of the others tried for a couple years.
Used old-style cross country gear can be real cheap at swaps, but we just don't get enough natural in the DC burbs to make it worth gearing-up in that direction. Enjoy it myself sometimes though.
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Nothing works.

Get used to spending money.

Reality is a b_tch.

Get used to it.

You can't win. "They do"!


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Out of curiosity

How often do HMD boots fit -well- among family members?

My story:
age 10- my own Alpinas
age 12- mom's Alpinas
age 13- dad's Alpinas
age 22- sister's old (age 15) Alpinas
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Originally Posted by comprex
How often do HMD boots fit -well- among family members?
I've gotten lucky -- gotten 2 seasons each out of 4 different various eBay / Cupolo purchased boots, with 3 kids, and using aftermarket footbeds to improve the fit.
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Another advantage to the hand-me-down ski tactic: thanks to eBay and swap meets, etc., we've got an extra pair or two in the house so when kids bring a friend to the mountain, we don't have to rent -- just fit them with our random stuff and get it adjusted at the hill. One of our eBay skis has demo bindings so it's pretty quick. Saves $$ and time at the hill.
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Hand me down tip #1

Use a binding that is easy to adjust to a wide range of boots.

Most fixed bindings will adjust +/- 10mm, or about one shell size. However the boot will not be perfectly centered on the ski. Often the owner ends up paying to have the ski remounted.

The Tyrolia Railflex offers practically unlimited range in boot size and placement without remounting. Adjusting the binding, to a new boot is easy enough to do at home if the owner understands how to set the forward pressure. The best part is the ski binding can be reset an infinite number of times, no re-drilling. Volkl Motion systems offer similar flexibility.

Many of the plate bindings can also be reset multiple time since the ski is not damaged by drilling. Some Atomic, Rossignol, Dynastar, Elan and others can be adjusted or remounted as many times as needed.

Avoid mounting a binding toe and heal directly on a flat ski. Use the Railflex of another type of binding that has a plate that can be refitted easily.

Hope that helps.

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