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Guys Please help with some new boots...

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Ok I am sure there are a million threads on boots but I really need some help. I purchased a pair of Salomon X Wave 9.0 Boots last year and skiied them 4 times. They felt nice when I put them on, you know the rest of the story. I have been skiing for 22 yrs and I have never had this problem. I was in Vail and my SHINS were KILLING. I mean so unbearable that I had to take the 3rd day off and hit the spa. Is it that maybe my boots are too small and they are pushing my feet up to add pressure on my shines. I really don't know what to do but my ski boots are my most important part of my gear hands down and I won't hesitiate to sell the suckers on ebay and take a big loss.

Any ideas guys and also any ideas on boots that are very comfy?? Maybe Salomon isn't for me. Also what about a SOFT boot? Also I do not have custom made foot beds. Would that make a difference on my shins?

Thanks in advance!
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Footbeds could help because there is a possibility that your tibia is not aligned with the tongue properly. Something else to keep in mind is that if a boot is too stiff, you might struggle to get it bend which can cause shin pains. When considering a soft boot, you may run into the same problem by overflexing the boots.

First thing I would do is go to a bootfitter and make sure the boots fit adequately, 2nd would be to get fotbeds to see if that alieviates some pains. 3rd, if proper fit and footbeds aren't helping, I'd look into either a "shin bang" specific tongue replacement or getting a foamed tongue (a little more money).

Hope it helps.
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Check out this thread from a couple weeks ago http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=33116

I had Xwave 8 boots that I never got the problem resolved in. You might try Booster Straps. Anyway, the other thread has a lot of good information on causes and possible solutions.
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Thanks guys, what are booster straps and where can I get some???
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Originally Posted by Lexus33
Thanks guys, what are booster straps and where can I get some???
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The "eliminator" might help. Used them on the last 20 days of my old boots and the guy at the place I bought them says he uses them for the first days with new boots.

Just got the Solly course pros and I ca tell you that the first few days sucked. You might have to grin andbear it to get throught the breakin.
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My first clue is your comment that they 'felt nice in the store'. Did you shell fit them? X waves have a ton of padding behind the ankle and once that packs out you have way too much boot. If you are a woman (not sure) and have a low calf too big a boot also means the boot comes up your leg too high.

The pressure you are feeling is quite likely tendon strain (as opposed to pressure) to the anterior tibialis tendon. Depending on you foot a footbed may well help quite a bit. A heel lift may offer relief for the interim in two important ways. If there is any sort of spoiler on the top back of the boot take it out.

BTW while skiing did you also notice your quads 'burining' a lot?

Shell fit the boot and let us know what you find. Maybe fill in the gender blank and a brief description of calf size and how low it comes wouldn't hurt.

Also Xwaves are a pretty wide boot in the forefoot and heel plus they have a ton of instep room. If that isn't your foot then you are in the wrong boot. The x wave woman's specific is not (if that's what you bough or should buy) the cuff height is the same as the men's (liner is a bit lower). Woman's boots should have a lower cuff height to acommodate those woman (many of them) with larger and lower calf muscles than a man's boot is designed for.
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