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I went to Hunter Mountain yesterday with a co-worker and his friend and planned on demo-ing some skis. Between the 2 of them they had the above sets of skis and told me not to rent, but try out whatever they weren't skiing. It turns out that our boot sizes were the same and no adjustment was needed on the bindings.

I consider myself an advanced intermediate and I like to ski aggressively. Up until last year, I had been skiing some very old 200 cm Rossi STS skis, cheap interemdiate skis. Last year I demoed some B2 Bandits at Killington and it was my first taste of the new style skis and they were light years better than my old skis.

My first demo was the Elans and they were excellent, even better than the B2s. They were very easy to ski and did well when we went on some trails that had some freshly blown 'powder'.

After a couple of runs I switched to the Volkls and they excelled on the hard pack, but were not as easy to ski. You have to really stay on top f the ski and could not relax at the wheel. A couple of times I got sloppy and took a little fall and other times I could feel the skis trying to get away from me before I got myself centered over the skis again. They also were due for a tuneup because they would chatter going over a few icy spots.

I then tried the Vipers and they were incredible for me. They were so easy to ski and they really fit my style of skiing. You did not have to be so precise and when you wanted to let them rip they blasted thru everything. They did well in all conditions, from bombing down the single black runs through new blown snow, to the steeper doubles on Hunter West (yeh, I know they're not difficult-It's only Hunter). The owner had a nice spill and twisted his ankle, so I skiied on the Vipers for the rest of the day. I wanted a set of these skis but he said they were about 4 or 5 years old. Does anyone know of anywhere that I could get a cheap set used? I checked Fleabay to no avail. Has this model been replaced with another model that is more accessible? I've been putting off buying a new set of skis for several years, but if I could find a used set cheap I'd be set.