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Originally Posted by ant
Love teh concept, but all i can see here is americans who seem to need to be shoving something into their maws. It's truely wierd. I'm a fat muscley thing, but I DO NOT snack, ever. Walking around eating and drinking is a pretty yucky idea, and where I am, they are all doing it.
I am, therefore I must consume something.
It starts with the baby permanently attached to a bottle. Sometimes parents just shove a bottle in to shut the kid up, when the kid really needs attention.
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Originally Posted by TerpSKI
I would like to see her statistics on snacking though. Any time I hear someone making pronouncements about any group it bothers me. Sorry.
Off topic:
I won't speak for all of us in the USA, but for me the snacking thing started when I came home from school and my mom had a snack ready for me since our lunch time at school was 11:00 and we were hungry by 3:30.

Then there came the McDonalds Drive through.
To this day, I eat in the car. I think that I could drop 10 lbs if I stopped eating in the car.
As an adult, I make healthier choices in my eating but eat too many of those "healthy things".
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Yea, I don't think she was calling all Americans fat. She was just stating that she noticed a lot of people eating when she is in this country. She admitted that she was overweight, and she is not an American. I am sure that there are lots of people in this country that eat less than her.

I think you may have taken the post a bit too personal...............
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