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Wow, It's Roasting in the West

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Look at these mid-day temps:

Aspen: 44
Breckenridge: 40
Steamboat: 50
Vail: 47
Park City: 43
Solitude: 46
Jackson Hole: 41
Taos: 44
Crested Butte: 44
Truckee: 50
South Lake Tahoe: 50
Mammoth: 46
Mount Baker: 40
Bachelor: 40
Mount Hood: 38
Snowbird: 46
Alta: 38
Sun Valley: 38
Big Sky: 36

Mild front to pass through the NW & Rockies, snow at higher elevations, rain below. Then expected to stay warm through the weekend.

EDIT: one thing to note is that these temps are generally at the BASE of the reosrts.
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Copper's forecasted high was 40 today, but it felt more like in the 20's. The cloud cover helped I think.

The forecast is calling for chance of 3-5 inches tomorrow and another 6-10 inches on Friday!
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Thats what i was saying, but catching some flak for it.
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Its burning in Park City right now. I have a light sweater on and I'm fine.
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the snow was getting wet at the base of Copper today..a bit heavy in Union Bowl too..but still darn skiable

very cloudy too..it is rare to see those low hanging
clouds..reminded me of Schweitzer
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It's pissing rain here in sacramento. So bummed.
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Originally Posted by Jed Peters
It's pissing rain here in sacramento. So bummed.
You know that Sac is at like 20' elevation ? Snow levels rarely get that low

Precipating heavily here too though
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Raining hard at 7300 feet in Incline Village right now, I hope they are right that it's snow above 8000 feet.
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Snowbowl hit 37 at the top of the mountain today, it was in the 40s at the base; there was some snow up top (and a little rain), but only rain as you made your way down the hill. It was like spring skiing without the sunshine.
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Originally Posted by TruckeeLocal
You know that Sac is at like 20' elevation ? Snow levels rarely get that low

Precipating heavily here too though
And just had a wild flash of lightning........:
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Harry Dunn, do you believe?
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The long-term forcast for this winter was the west would be warmer than usual, and so far that's pretty much happening.
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Originally Posted by TruckeeLocal
You know that Sac is at like 20' elevation ? Snow levels rarely get that low

Precipating heavily here too though
It was 60 degrees though. Forgot to add that part.

Oh yeah, heard it just started snowing at the base of k-wood at 8.
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I'm going up tomorrow only because I have to.....the weather is much more condusive for hiking or soccer. If you planned your Christmas ski trip for New Mexico, you better plan on drinking heavily.....
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Britney Spears Sued US Weekly for 20 million
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Originally Posted by janesdad
Harry Dunn, do you believe?
Yeah, I believe that the temps will stay that warm for about two days, before it'll start snowing again. Does two days of 40 degrees count as "warmer in the west"? If it means more light, powdery snow, then bring it on.

http://www.crh.noaa.gov/ifps/MapClick.php?CityName=Loveland+Pass&state=CO&site= BOU
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Even warmer today:

Aspen: 52
Breckenridge: 46
Steamboat: 41
Vail: 50
Park City: 48
Solitude: 48
Beaver Creek: 47
Crested Butte: 40
Taos: 53
South Lake Tahoe: 46
Tahoe City: 43
Truckee: 45
Mammoth: 45
Sun Valley: 39
Big Sky: 42
Mt. Hood: 39
Snowbird: 40
Alta: 38

Wow. Move the date to March/April & the numbers are more believable. Reports off the hill (at least for the Wasatch) are surprisingly good. Snow is holding up fine in upper elevations, with some softening lower down (PC/Snowbasin Resorts only). BC is, as reports from UAC say, "heinous" due to very poor turning conditions. Been too busy w/ xmas shopping to get out myself.

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I was thinking of starting a thread called "Wasatch Expectations" or something, because there's way more bluebird days than powder days, in spite of how nuts we go everytime we get a foot or two out here.
Truth is, I never had much luck hitting fresh powder when I came out here on trips, but since I moved here, it seems to come often, but it comes when it comes. Monday was a great powder day, but at higher elevations than PC- too warm. Not that it sucked in PC, just not primo. If I didn't have to stay close to the job, I would have gone up to Alta.
Yesterday PC had almost spring conditions; and it was pretty fabulous- sweater skiing, but no worries, it'll get colder before it gets warmer. It's just not all pow all the time and you got to enjoy it as it is, which is pretty great almost all the time. Rarely cold,(December's zero weather was unusual) it's mostly sunny high desert weather. This from an ex east coast skier who used to read "skiing in the rain is fun, just get a big garbage bag and wear it" printed on trail maps. So everything in Utah is pretty much gravy.
One nice thing about this thaw-we had so much snow so fast my roof leaked. Cost $200 to have a guy shovel a ton of snow off the roof that I then had to shovel off the driveway. This isn't effecting the resort snowpack much (for those heading out here) it's too deep now to be hurt much by a little warm spell.
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snow on top rain on btm

Sun Valley is 28 deg on top snowing like crazy, and 34 on btm and raining at 2 pm. 10 new inches of snow on top with 7-12 more on the way.
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This rain may be a blessing in disguise...firming up the base for the season...we'll get hit w/ a bunch of snow sooner rather than later!
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TOO bad guys

i just skied in 12 inches of fresh untracked , ungroomed powderover a 2ft base here in the Adirondacks--it was SVEEEEET! !!
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Nice Warp, where?

I skied in some pretty sweet stuff at Loveland on Tuesday- at least knee to waist deep- so I'm not sure what they're talking about.
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52* in Aspen? Where are you getting your numbers? Im getting about 10* cooler.
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This weather is nuts. Reminds me of Whistler. Rain before xmas, who'd have thought?
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pissing rain in Boise these last few days, rained all day today. Bogus Basin announced they're closing until colder temperatures return and it snows again.
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Originally Posted by Warp daddy
TOO bad guys

i just skied in 12 inches of fresh untracked , ungroomed powderover a 2ft base here in the Adirondacks--it was SVEEEEET! !!
Oh no! You just screwed your whole region with bad Karma. Watch soon for torrential rains followed by a deep freeze. Oh wait, that happens every year.
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HD & Powdr:

Caught the great pow day at my local mtn an hr away .Titus Mtn a 1250 vert 3 peak area / $29 holiday lift price

Titus is strictly no frills: but hey the skiing is fine,, no serious steeps tho except a few trails.. mostly blues and blacks that are really upper blues but hey its close and FUN:

hey guys have fun and Merry Christmas!!!
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Hey! Snow is snow! Enjoy! Reliable ole' Alta got another six inches last night. Merry Christmas everyone! Looks like another sunny beach day in Park City.
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Off to Niseko in three weeks.......ah too bad dudes, three meters of powder !!!

Two and half meters of powder at sea level !!!

Where is this Niseko........no chance Aussies only !!
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Only 12 feet in Colorado so far this year... Certainly a challenge...

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