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Best name for a run...

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Body Bag Bowl on Blackcomb gets my nod.
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Bou-Bou at Sutton, Quebec
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'See forever' at Telluride
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I knew of a run years ago called "Widow Maker" at Perisher Blue... doesn't live up to it's name though.
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Originally Posted by Blaise
I knew of a run years ago called "Widow Maker" at Perisher Blue... doesn't live up to it's name though.
"Widowmaker?" Phssst. That one's for the ladies...."
Homer J Simpson....
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Either Bunny at MRG or Devils Crotch at Breck.
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Attitash in New Hampshire has a run called Idiot's Delight and another called Tim's Trauma. They aren't that difficult though.
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White Knuckle @ Black Mountain NH.
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"Oh God" in Kleine Scheidegg (above Wengen)
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Goat at Stowe.
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"Dead Bob's Chute" or "Spellbound Bowl" at Crested Butte.
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"Bloody Hell" - Mt Buller, Australia
"Gotcha'" - Mt Hotham, Australia
"Black & Blue" - Falls Creek
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O.S. in Vail. Stands for Oh S#$@t
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Awful Awful at no-longer-operational SugarLoaf, MI, the longest hill of its steepness in Michigan.
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Nun's @#!t, @ Alpine Meadows
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Its easy: "No Fat Chicks Traverse" at Crested Butte.
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Fond of Mary's Nipple. Sadly truncated a couple years ago...
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Niagra at Aspen, or is it Viagra, I couldn't tell which was the correct name based on the altered slope sign.
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Deception @ Aspen HIghlands
starts off like the best bump pitch you've ever skied........
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AMF at Snowmass (does NOT stand for "adieu my friend"
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Should I ever have the chance to name a run I would plagarize a rapid on Section four of the Lower Chatooga: "Sock em Dog"
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Regulator Johnston at Brandywine, Ohio

The comparison to the one at Snowbird is hilarious.
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Outhouse at Mary Jane :
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I liked the name Bass-Akwards at Whistler.
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At Mount Snow

PDF (Pretty darn fast)
Jaws of Death
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Doesn't Telluride have a trail that's pronounced Can't Make It, but spelled in some interesting fashion?
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Tiolet Bowl!
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white nitro- sugarloaf
powder keg- sugarloaf
paradise bowl- crested butte
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"Sh!t for brains" Couloir


"Don't do it"

Arapahoe Basin
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