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Has anyone bent a Pocket Rocket???

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Just in Banff the other day getting the boards waxes & the tech mentioned my PR's had a slight bend at the tip..Not good news!!!
Wondering if anyone else has bent one & what was Salomon take one this. By the way, the skiing was great w/70 cms in 2 days. Don't put the powder boards away yet!!!!!
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I would question whether your PRs actually have a bend in the tip. The PRs are a funky ski in many ways. One thing I noticed when I got my son's PRs and my PRs is when you squeeze them together the skis look like they have a slight bend in the tip. I have checked other skis on the racks at the shops and observed he same thing. I have no idea why they are designed that way.

If they really are bent you'll find your chances of getting replacements will probably depend on the willingness of the shop you bought them from to handle the return. I have been very loyal to my old ski shop back in Oregon because he always took the time and effort necessary to get defective skis replaced, some even after their warrantee ran out.
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You know that it could be that I'm wearing them backwards; or maybe I'm going goofy!!!

The bend is slight(nothing like previous bends w/other skis), its more like a different arc, but with PR's you start to wonder which edge to check against?? I have given them more than a few hard runs thru Voxwagon size bumps & landed some serious air(& they are great in moguls??) Had more than my share of powder days, ), So a bend is out of question, but I would have to check some on the rack or if anybody else could check their's!!

Anyhow more snow is forcast for the weekend, so one more powder day is always better than another mogul days
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I witnessed this conversation in the gondola few weeks ago. There were two park riders whom each broke and bent the PRs. That they'd never get one again. At the same time, they were fair to say that the skis were the best in powder and soft snow, just wasn't meant to take the park's abuse. (these guys are hardcore, if not park-pros)

Sitting next to us was a Salomon Rep (he had the PR and that's how the conversation started), who confirmed the exact same thing that the skis are too soft to withstand such agressive pounding.

So the question was: why are they so aggressively twin tipped, giving the impression for park skis? The answer was they were designed for powder more than anything else, and then meeting the needs of most average park skiers as well. (increased sales, right?)

Once again, I don't know if any of the above is fact or not. I only heard the conversation.

My own personal view is that most powder ski owners may also own other skis, prolonging the life of the soft PRs. I won't hesitate to buy a pair of PRs for next season to enjoy the pow, if Volant does not replace my delaminated Chubbs!
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One of my friends that ride the PR's bent two pair this year. Both time he got replacements quite quickly. He loves the skis but I don't think they are great if you are going to pound on them a lot. I think if you just take them back to the shot they will hook you up.
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Maybe the twintips are just to roost your buds because that's always good for a laugh..

Rooster Tails Forever....JK

Yes they will be sent back when it quits snowing..but not this weekend!!!(Snowing now [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] )
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