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rentals in mammoth

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where should i go to rent some good skis
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FootLoose Sports on your left about 2 miles after you get on RT. 203. They have high performance skis and boots. website www. footloosesports.com
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Rentals in Mammoth

Alkupe, I know this looks weird having a No. Idaho skier answer a Mammoth question but I skied and raced there for over 20 years. To answer your question Footloose is fine however there is another alternative if you want to try more that one ski, you didn't say in your post. The rental shop in the Main lodge rents all types and qualities of skis. They also have a daily demo rental program where you can take up to either 3 or 4 different ski's out in one day. I''d recommend on arriving, calling the Main Lodge rental shop and get 1) price of demo plan 2)cost of good ski rental per day and per 3,4,5 days (Idon't know how long youre going to be there). Then when you go to Footloose you can com,pare price etc. If you have specific qustions on like where to ski etc. send me a message and I'll answer. Good skiing Pete
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