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Volkl P60 question...

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Any Volkl experts out there? Here is my question... I bought a pair of Volkl P60 GC Racing World Cup skis last season. I absolutely love these skis, and want to know if this year's Race Tiger GS is the same ski? Is there still a GC? What is the difference between the GC and the GS? Thanks in advance!
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I forgot to mention this part... These are the WC race skis... Numbered, FIS >21 meter radius stamped on them, bought from a race shop, etc... Not the GC "carver" Thanks.
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My husband is not a very accomplished skier. Tried the P60 and didn't like it. For some reason he thought the Race Tigers would be a little different, so he bought a set.

They are exactly like the p60.
Another friend who is a big fan of the P60 (his primary ski) tried the Race Tigers and loved them.
So you'd probably like them too!
My husband's are 184 cm with the IPT binding and they are for sale!
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The race stock p60s are identical in shape and construction to the new race tigers. The new ones may be a bit stiffer or softer, but I really don't know. In a side by side non scientific flex test, they seem about the same.
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