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Your advice please.

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I'll be heading to the high mtns. of UT in a couple days to dry out. You may be aware that the PNW is getting "hosed" from 8000' and below. Will be staying at Park City from 12/23 till 1/1, but won't ski DV nor PC. Will certainly get to my old favorites to Alta and Snowbird next week, but want some advice on "how"to ski the Canyons, in other words, what is your strategy for skiing the hill. My son and I will be skiing together and we can ski just about anything, we prefer off piste steep and pow, but given the weather realize we probably will be seeing more cordoroy than pow, at least for this coming weekend.

Also any thoughts on Snowbasin vs. Powder Mtn?? Want to ski either on 12/31, can't do both.

Thanks group.

Merry Christmas!!!
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Here's an overview of the Canyons layout.

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Yeah well your "hosed" weather is headed our way too. Doesn't mean buckets of rain, but what we get will be on the warm/wet side. Stay away from lower elevation resorts (below 7,000') and if you can't do that, make sure there is plenty of terrain above 8,000' (DV, PCMR & The Canyons all have their best terrain above 9,000'). If I were you, I'd go to LCC/BCC exclusively.

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1. buy discount tix at Canyon Sports (or Costco, but probably too late for you).

1b. Avoid eye contact with time-share salespeople at resort base.

2. from top of gondola head to Tombstone, take one hi-speed warm-up down Cloud 9. Avoid Tombstone at peak time - its the only place lines form at Canyons (except Gondola - see 10.)

3. then 9990 for as long as you can. Stay skiers left of chair (Fright Gully, Dutch Hollow).

4. Then either North Face back to Red Pine or head over to Peak 5 (Mystic Pines).

5. Dreamscape is fun if you are feeling lazy and there is new snow, otherwise can skip.

6. Harmony back to bottom of Tombstone chair can be high-speed fun. Try not to deck any tourists.

7. Condor is good for views and for bumps; chutes can be fun but usually not well covered and are south facing.

8. The Pines off Saddleback is a great short glade - good for end of day.

9. Then a leisurely cruise down Doc's. Dinner at El Chubasco, or greek place in Kimball Junction (if its still there) (Loco Lizard if its not).

10. If there is a big gondola line take Golden Eagle Chair, then Super Fury or Gforce down to Sun Peak express, then loop around to Red Pine.

Definitely Snowbasin but get there early - looong slow lineup for parking on busy days. Watch for bald eagles on the drive there.
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