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related to Volkl P40 Platinum

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skied the Volkl Platinum last season and was very impressed with the ski. Thinking about adding a front-side GS type cruiser to the quiver. Looking for something that will let me ski a relaxed blue cruiser, but won't get wimpy or panic if I get going over 30 mph. The Platinum fits the bill nicely. Any other suggestions of skis that are similar? Also, although there seems to be some disagreement about this in the other thread about the Platinum, it seems that the P50 Platinum is a different sidecut than last year's P40 (63mm waist vs 65mm). It's a pity when someone reviews a model that replaces or carries on a model from the previous season that they don't make some specific comparisons as to what changed and how the ski is different.
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Tag; Platinum; killer ski; can cruise relaxed and go fast when you want it. really snappy and fun... I use 'em for skiing icy groomers; I weigh about 175 and ski the '99 model in 193 with a Sallie 900 poweraxe binding. The '00 model is 2mm wider, and supposedly even better; you should be able to find a pair for under $350 new. I've seen demo's at Cole sport in Park City {Utah} selling for about $350 with Marker rental bindigs; the cool thing about that is the Markers were recalled for some minor defect and if you buy the demo's the shop will mount a new custom binding free; thats like getting the skis, although used a little, for nothing.. Anyway that was a couple weeks ago so they may be out but I doubt it; everyone's clearing out the P-40s to make room for the new Motion versions so there's plenty of 'em out there. Good luck.. R. <FONT size="1">

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Check out:

Not sure what length you're looking for, but these guys have the Volkl P40 F1 198cm for $349 (scroll to the bottom of the page).

I demo'ed the Platinum a couple years ago, and thought it was a little soft, though I'm a big guy (240 pounds). It didn't really snap me out of my turns nearly as much as I'd like. The F1, on the other hand, felt a lot more responsive at high speeds. And at $349 it's a steal (if you are looking for the 198s).

I've read that the Platinum is a better all-mountain ski than the F1. For me, though, the F1 is just as much fun on the steeps as those blue cruisers.

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