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Dynastar Legend 8000 Owners - Recommendations on Setups?

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Hi, I am interested in purchasing some Legend 8000 stix, but can't decide on the 172s or 178s. I'm 5'9", 155 lbs, aggressive skier, like to do everything (say 60% off-piste, 40% on-piste??? who really knows anyway from day to day, venue to venue?). I was leaning toward the 172s, but am a little concerned as some reviewers have stated some jarring in cruddy conditions. Any 8000 owners out there with input on my dilemma? Also, any input w/ binding setups? Thanks for your help!!!!
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172's without a doubt. Peter Keelty also advises not to ski them too long.
They are however, a lighter ski and French at that meaning that they won't be as stable in heavy chop and crud as some of the more substantial boards made by the Austrians or Swiss.
They do however, have many postive attributes.
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I'm 5'11" 163 lbs and I ski the 172s. I ski a lot in trees and bumps. The 8000s carve well on groomers if you ski them like a GS ski and keep them up on edge, if you don't they want to skid (good thing off piste). I like them everywhere but hardpack (when I pull out my Atomix SX11s).
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dynastar 8000

I'm 6', 162 and ski pretty agressively, like to ski around in the trees and do some groomers to warm up. I'm on the 8000 in a 165 with the marker 1200 piston. On the groomers, you have to put the ski on edge or it will get squirrelly, but since I like the snow in thw woods more, I'll put up with the chatter every now and then. At my weight, The marker 1200 set at eight releases when it needs to and hasn't when it wasn't supposed to.
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I just bought a pair of Legend 8000s in 172 cm, and will ski them in about 2 days. I'm a level 9/10 skier, weighing about 160-165 and I am 5'9" or 10". For me, these skis were purchased with the intention of using them when the snow wasn't as soft (but still being capable of skiing some deep stuff if it came around and I didn't have my powder skis). I generally like to make long, fast turns on the groomers and open bowls, but take short, quick turns on the really steep slopes (probably for safety, LOL).

I had initially thought about getting them in 178, but I was advised against doing this. The other skis I ride (Salomon PR) I have in 175, and I wasn't positive about which direction to go, so after someone on this forum said go for 172s, I took their word for it. I'll let you know if I made the right choice in about 5 days after I've been riding for a few days on them. From what I've heard from people on this board, though, it was the right ski for me.
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So I just skied three days in Hakuba, Japan, and I'll give you a review of the 2005/2006 172 cm Legend 8000s, by day.

First day: Skied at Hakuba 47/Goryu, and it was still snowing. They already have about 12 feet of base up top, and on my first day, I was greeted by up to 16 inches of powder on the runs and at least 2-3 feet of it in the trees, which amazingly no one had touched. This was my first day of the season, so I was getting my feet wet real quick. I think it may have been slightly more due to the first day than the ski, but I struggled big time in the deep stashes.

As for the ski, from the first day, I can definitely say that I wouldn't want to ski this if there's more than 12 inches of powder on the ground, though on steep slopes it would be capable because of the additional power you'd gain at higher speeds. I had a tough time getting enough float in the trees, though the ski was very capable in terms of turning quickly, and I didn't feel like making turns in tight spots (given enough float) would be difficult.

Second day: Skied at Happo One, and it was still snowing just a little bit throughout the day. There was still loads of powder to be found on the runs. Because it had been a day since the snow was falling hard, the snow had settled such that it'd be very hard to sink more than 12 inches. Happo has longer, steeper and more open runs, so I was really able to get a much better read of the ski than on the first day.

Maybe chalk it up to the steeper slopes and/or to the powder being a bit more settled, but WOW. These skis provided enough float, were fast and stable, and were incredibly quick turning. Probably the thing I liked most about them was the energy coming out of a turn. I was able to get quite a hop from the one turn to the next -- easily bumping in and out of the powder. It was FUN.

Third day: Still at Happo. It had cleared overnight, and the cats had done quite a bit of grooming, so I was able to test these skis out a bit on a groomed trail or two. I also skied an out of bounds slope that was maybe 500-600 feet of vert on a 35 degree pitch, untracked, on which the powder had settled quite a bit.

Groomers: Get the skis on a high edge angle, and they carve wonderfully. They can make short snappy turns with some effort, but I prefer to just let them carve slightly longer turns on their own. I did find the speed limit, and without difficulty. They are fairly stable at high speeds, but when compared to the 186 4x4s I used to ride, they get knocked around quite a bit. That said, they are a major step up from my Pocket Rockets on the groomers, and I think will be capable enough for my groomed ski purposes.

Out of bounds slope: Since I would only sink in about 10 inches, wow. These skis were wonderful! It felt like I was on my CMH Heli trip all over again. Really, if it isn't too deep, these skis perform wonderfully in the powder. They ripped.

Bottom Line: On the size issue, I think I easily could have skied the 178s. They would have given me more float in the deeper powder and more high speed stability on the groomers. That said, I wouldn't want anything longer than 172s for skiing in the trees or the moguls (though I didn't get to ski any bumps). Since I plan on using my 175 Pocket Rockets for big powder days when I go back to the states, these skis will be used by me to find stashes in the trees, to ski moguls, and to rip the groomers. For two of those three criteria, I'd choose the 172s. Only for groomers would I choose the 178s.

Were this to be my only ski, I would actually prefer a 178 length due to better float in the powder. But please keep in mind that I am 10 pounds heavier than you. Given your weight, I think you'll be more than happy in the 172s.

If you're still in doubt, it's probably worth the extra cash to spend a day demoing. If you ski like I do, my guess is that you'll love this model, and will only have to decide which length. Hope this post helped. Gambatte!
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I've got a side question to this question. I own a pair of Legend 8Ks 2004/2005 in 184cm, and love them. I ski primarily at Mt. Baker (Washington), weigh 250 lbs and am 6'4". I recently gouged them up at Sun Peaks, and they've been patched to almost as good as new.

However, I want to buy a second pair, and noticed that the 2005/2006's have two subtle changes (to the 04/05s): (i) the bolts holding the caps/tips to the bow of the skis runs all the way through to the base in the newer ones and (ii) the edges run all the way to the caps/tips in the new ones (compared to ending a couple of inches short from the caps.

question 1: anyone know if this makes the skis behave any differently?
question 2: are there any other changes (less obvious)?

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I didn't ski last year's model, but imagine both the changes you are talking about could only help keep the ski in better shape for longer, and I doubt they effect it performance wise.

Somebody was mentioning that the mounting position had changed to be a bit back (maybe 1.5 cm?) on this year's model. I never skied last years, but I had no problem with the mounting position on this year's model. I certainly didn't feel like I was riding the ski in the back seat at all. I usually try to stay right on top of the ski regardless of condition, though.
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