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Boot fitment?

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My Girlfriend has "problematic" feet. She just bought a pr of Head Worldcup boots from a very experience boot fitting place, as well as custom insoles. We've been back a few times and each time fitment gets better. Yesterday however she experienced something wierd and I'm wondering if it is boot related. While skiing her quads got extremely tired (like she could hardly stand) and her hips and knees ache. Could being off canter cause this? We're heading back up to Boot fitters sometime this wk and any ideas would be great. Thanks
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I currently ski in the head wc boot and had the same problem. I put a 5mm lifter under the toe and solved the problem which is too much forward lean in the boots, particularly in the small sizes. If you live in nortern Vt. go see benny at Inner Boot Works or in souther Vt. greg at Green Mt. Orthotics,
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das Eard! good to see you here. you East Coast folks are getting the snow that ought to be out here in the Northern Rockies. aaaah well... say hello to Adam and DDC for me, please.
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