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Am I angulating enough?

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Hard to see if there's much lead change as a bunch of fluffy crap seems to be obscuring the tips. I suggest you go up and try it again.
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Looks to me like just enough angle to keep your inclination from turning into out-and-out banking.
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Looks more like a snow snake problem to me.

To properly check angulation vs inclination we need to get a face on shot in the fall line. Pic 1 looks ok. Pic 2 looks a bit banky, but it's too early in the turn to tell. Pics 3-5 are way too late to tell.
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From what I can see in the pics, Your angulation is more bending at the waist than from the hip. I think the backpack is throwing you off a bit on your for-aft balance. As you bend from the waist, your hips move back and chest has to move over your outside ski to blance. Work on moving your hip in on the turns, but not your chest, by compressing your ribcage over the outside ski and streaching it above your inside ski.
Try it with no skis on first.

So the answer is yes, but not really in the right place.

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Sorry guys. This is a bit of a gag picture. I'm skiing 10 - 15 cms of breakable crust and then sometimes I'm on windblow. When I did break through the crust I was on 30 cms of facets. Very weird conditions so I just used banking - lots of up and down on transistions; lots of speed to try to get some consistency on the crust and then when I got caught by the snowsnake I bailed instead of trying to hold on. Slope was about 32 degrees at top and 30 to 25 at the bottom.

What was the point? I guess it was more amusement on my part but it's unfair to ask that question from that pic without context. I guess its an illustration of how hard it is to tell anything without context

I think started out OK at the top where it was just sun-crust and not suncrust and wind-slab

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Heh, heh... What about that ski track in the lower right of pic #5 above? Seems to be migrating gracefully down the hill - right up until that tree. And with no exit track from the tree... ?

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