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Whats ur favorite Mountain - Page 2

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west: JH followed by Alta or Snowbird
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It's a tie for me! Squaw/Snowbird/Snowbasin
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Jackson Hole....
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Tie: Jay Peak and Sugarloaf

West: Jackson Hole
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Originally Posted by SkiStarr90
Umm… Stowe… …Not even a contest.
Too much $$$.
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I like steep skiing(but not super steep) with moguls and varied terrain. Nothing I've skied beats Snowbird year in and year out. Jackson Hole is steep, but the snow doesn't compare because the mountain is pointed the wrong way. I've skied Squaw only once, but they have snow problems sometimes. Same with Whistler.

Alta is overrated when compared to Snowbird. I find myself skiing the same runs, intermediate runouts, and having to traverse or hike to ski different good stuff, - who needs that. When I point my skis downhill at Snowbird, from just about any lift, I find a diversity of nooks and crannies, caution gates, all without hiking or traversing(too much). And the snow! Good snow is everything, with that Snowbird beats everywhere but Alta hands down, and Snowbird has the obvious advantage on terrain.
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I have several favorites:

East: Jay Peak, hands down winner in the East.
West: Fernie, Red, Kicking Horse, Snowbird

And then there's the snowcat skiing: Chatter Creek, BC

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ISCHGL for groomers

Klosters for offpiste

Pontresina for AT

if anyone cares...

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West Snowbird/Alta

East Sunday River

(Toughest omissions: Stowe and Squaw Valley)
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#3 Elk mountain!- That's where I patrol here in Pa. 1,000' vert! 26 trails. #1 grooming and snowmaking in the Mid-Atlantic! Ok, I better stop now.[/quote]

elk is nice for how close but diverse my granmother lives 10 minutes away also its better then montage, alot less crowded usualy
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nice car...
Originally Posted by carbonissimo
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5)Wherever I happen to be skiing
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East: Sugarbush
West: Vail.....but plenty more to explore in the coming years...
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Here I go again on a completely different mode of thought.

My favorite is Silver Star.

It's not because of snow, nor because of terrain. Not weather nor apres activities. Or maybe because of all of them and the vibe that I pick up there. I can get several days of ski ya yas out and feel comfortable in the place.

I like bigger resorts like Whistler because of the skiing, but they always leave me stressed by the big city feeling. Silver Star is my size and a great hill.
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Whistler is good along with the mountains in Summit County Colorady (Aspens, vail, copper, keystone, A-basin ect.)
For local I like Mt. Baker but hate the slow lifts it has
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I moved to be within 20 minutes of Snowbird for a reason...
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Originally Posted by SnowBlower
For local I like Mt. Baker but hate the slow lifts it has
My, my! Aren't WE picky? I never seem to have a problem getting in enough vert to turn my legs to jelly. Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.
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East: Whiteface/Bush/Okemo
West: Vail/Whistler/Big Sky
Abroad: Cortina/Cervina-Zermatt/Garmish
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Best Ski Area

For everything: TAOS powder, steeps, bumps - St. Bernard Lodge awesome food ambience bar people and you can ski to lunch stop at your room take off you skis and take 2 full steps to your front door and then 20 steps to lunch.
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Crested Butte
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The mountain I'm skiing on that day.

Otherwise I like JH, Snowbird, Alta, Snowbasin, Squaw, Vail.
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East - Jay Peak nough said

My home state of PA - Blue Knob, it would make Elk Mountian run away scared, with its tailbetween its legs.
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I guess whereever my "home mountain" is -- so I know the runs and the snow conditions to be expected, I run into people I know on the hill, I know when to eat and when to ski, etc. Kind of like your favorite bar, I guess. There is just less stress when all the extraneous stuff is already accounted for and you can just enjoy the day.
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1. Vail
2. A-Basin

I plan on losing my Alta/Snowbird virginity this February. I'll repost then....
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1. Deer Valley
2. Vail
3. Anywhere I'm lucky enough to be on skis and out of the Texas heat (it's December, it's supposed to be COLD, and today it is 80 freakin' degrees here!)
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Snowbird Devotee hit the nail on the head. Rotate JH 90 degrees so it faces NE instead of SE and it would be a close call.
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Never have skied out west:

So Sunday River
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East: Stowe (my home mtn in the 70s and 80s)
West: Whistler (my home mtn today)

Looking forward to trying Alta this March. And Mica Creek heli-skiing next year.
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