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Whats ur favorite Mountain

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Well.....what is it !?!
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Jay Peak in VT.
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East: MRG
West: Alta/Bird
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Jackson Hole. Nuff said
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Alpine Meadows
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JH. 'Nuff said.
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My Favorite for challenge would be Jackson Hole.
For Powder Alta/Bird a close second would be Solitude.
For just good fun over all great skiing Snowbasin.
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Let me think

Hmmmm, Kind of pitiful, but I've not skied anywhere else. Soooo, THE WINNER, by default, (but what a default) is TELLURIDE.:
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No doubt, Jay...............
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Mammoth mountain!!
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Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT. If I need to explain why, you won't get it anyway.

If I couldn't ski there in UT it would be Snowbasin. Lots of terrain, few people. Grizzly Downhill (That's a must ski run...).

I also had lots of fun at Jackson last year with Bob P....

I almost forgot Taos, NM. I just wish I'd have been a better skier when I went there. Great food!!!

Zermatt was fun, but I found the skiing marginal. Again, there were many other reasons to go there....

Dislikes: Vail/Breckenridge. Too flat. Too snooty. (Sorry) I liked Beaver Creek (slightly) better. (A-basin wasn't bad either) I don't think I'd make a trip there just to ski without another reason to go...

Never beens (but on the "to visit" list): Whistler, Squaw (tahoe area), Mt Baker

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Haven't been there for a while. When I was there the "outback" was not yet developed (read long walk way to the lift).
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1.)Crested Butte, CO
2.)Jackson Hole, WY
3.)Alta/Snowbird, UT
4.)Mt. Bohemia, MI
5.)MRG, VT.
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Umm… Stowe… …Not even a contest.
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Whatever one I happen to be on at the time. (to quote W.M.)
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Targhee for the down home feel of the place and the Blower. Snowbasin for every other reason.
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Kicking Horse

No clear favorite
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East: Stowe
West: Deer Valley (Just look at the handle)
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Dar Biggun.
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Jackson, got to be the best in North America. I've got a daughter living in Argentina, says Las Linas is even better! Smaller areas, Crystal Mountain is hard to beat on weekdays, never weekends and always watch snow levels,they will eat you up in the Cascades.
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Mad River Glen for me. Not enough time in the West other than Whistler and Whistler's not my bag baby.
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Squaw Valley in the west, Stowe in the east.
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#1 Stowe- The history of the town...The story of the mountain! The hidden gems! Every trail has a history to it. It feels like you lived there you're entire life! UFB!
#2 Snowbird- The pow and the overall diversity.
#2 1/2 Kicking Horse- Super steep. Cornices to drop into all over the place. 4 bowls, one is OB. 4,000' vert. The hike to Superbowl is unbelievable!
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Um...Not really sure...

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Seceda/Ortesei in Val Gardena which is in The Dolomites. You have to know where to go for the really good stuff(if it snows enough) but they have everything else you could possibly imagine from women, wine, and partying to a region of literally thousands of kilometers of interconnected ski areas
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Whistler when the conditions are good. That being said, Whistler makes it tough planning a trip far in advance, you never know what you're gonna get.

Otherwise, I'd have to say Snowmass in the West or Sugarbush in the East.
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....and it's NOT a close race.
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East = Sugarbush

West = Jackson

I can't believe someone mentioned Elk! It is great for what it is, though (very fun smaller mostly intermediate mountain).
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Wherever the chopper is taking me, especially in Canada.
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