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difference between boot heaters?

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I suffer from perpetually cold feet. I've used the disposable heaters but they really take up more room than I'd like and I can't comfortably buckle the two lower buckles on my boots.

I had the Hotronics about 6 years ago but found they didn't do much. I'm quite sure I have a good boot fit; I have Conformable custom foam liners and wear thin socks.

Any suggestions re: whether the newer boot heaters work sufficiently? If so, which ones?

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Hotronics have come a long way in the last 6 years. Their newest system is supposed to be the warmest and longest lasting battery yet. I have had some problems with older batteries, but they may have everything fixed by now. they do have a good warranty,but it more comes down to if the store will replace the battery on the spot or if you have to send it in.
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I have the Thermics, a couple shops in SLC recommended those over the Hotronics, including Steve Bagley's shop, Superior ski. The battery life is slightly less than the top Hotronic model, but it's smaller too and fits nicely on the back of your boot. The charger will drain the battery before you charge it if you want. The middle position lasts most all day if you turn it off at lunch. I have not used it yet in super cold weather, but it did keep my toes warmer in fairly cold, like low teens. It's not a dramatic difference, you can barely feel the heat, but it does help, you might have to try it to see if it's warm enough for you.
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I bought the Hotronic 3 seasons ago. I think they're the second generation battery. They work fine for me. A friend has the newer set-up and likes them too. The charger I have will go to trickle mode after 10 hours of charging. It doesn't drain the battery. My boots fit tight and have plenty of room left.

It's been so cold in NH recently we still need to take breaks. My friend even put the heat packs over his toes, a heat sandwich...we still took breaks.
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I just suffer and keep my boots unbuckled when not skiing, but I have heard good things about the Thermics.
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I was real skeptical about these things. My wife was constantly complaining about her cold feet, so I bought her a set. She was so pleased she bought me a set and although I grudgingly installed them (serious gaper-factor) I am now totally sold. These things (Hotronics) are great.

One thing to consider though. The heating element is attached to the footbed and the wire taped to the liner, so this makes it impossible to remove the footbed to dry them out. I didn't think about this before-hand. The solution is a boot dryer.
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