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Head M88 in Bumps- any good?

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I'm seriously considering buying a set of Head IM 88's as my soft snow ski here in the east. However, it has been impossible to demo these skis (it seems like the reps who come to demo days are solely interested in serving the 40+ yr old fat guys who can't ski a lick, and bring skis to reflect that). I was curious if anyone has had a chance to bring em through some bumpy trees (or just bumps period). And if so, what they thought?

I was able to bring a set of karma's through some soft bumps this past weekend, and they rocked, so I know that width is not a real issue. But I didn't like the way they handled at the top of the turn. From what I heard, the heads hooked up a little better, so I'm really interested in them. Please, anything helps (highway star, I know you have something to say)
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Bueller? Bueller?
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I don't know where you demo but the Head guys had a full range of skis for the Loveland CO demo earlier this year. The IM88 was one of my favorite skis this year (I also liked the Nordica Hotrod Nitrous and the Volkl Mantra). I currently ski Dynastar 8000s and 8800s as my all mountain and all mountain powder skis. The IM88 seemed a little softer than my Dynastar 8800s which I love in the bumps and trees. The IM88 also has a deeper sidecut. I got to ski the IM88s in a 175cm in 1.5ft of chopped powder and moderate bumps. If I didn't have the 8800s I would buy a pair. I am not a heavy skier by the way (163lbs) and I thought the IM88s were easy to handle even for a lighter 49 year old skier. They were very stable in deep crud but slower than the Dynastar 8800s in the bumps. The Hotrod Nitrous were quicker in the bumps and I would buy them if I didn't have the 8000s for non-powder days.
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oops, sorry, I left out the vitals -

me 27 y.o, 190lbs, lvl 9 ex racer, coach, instructor blah blah... trapped on the east coast. I spend most of my time in the woods trying to find the elusive stash of snow from last weeks storm. and if it's not available, I'll enjoy whatever i got.

Thanks for the info, i'm also trying to decide whether I want to go with the 186 or 175 - the latter seems like it would be better for tight spots on the east, but the former is what I would normally grivitate towards since it is a softer ski than i'm used to. Regardless, I'm thinking about matching it with either and atomic metron B5 or a fischer worldcup sc (gotta love the proform!)
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sent you a PM
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