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Looking @ 4 Ski's, Opinions Wanted

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Looking for some input on skis. I am an advanced skier, been skiing off and on for over 30 years. Ski with my kids on the blues, yet hit some single black diamonds. I still like to point them down and cruise fast, especially around snowboaders. Groomers are nice, stay out of big moguls, yet run in some of the softer stuff when I need to.
My style has been traditional, yet I am adapting to a slightly wider style with the demo's I have tried. I just came off of Olin Mark VII GS, 203 cm. 5'10", 210 lbs.

Here is what I have demo-ed:

K2 Axis X, 188 cm.
Worked really nice, able to catch more slalom turns especially on steeper terrain, stable, confident even at speed. Pretty versatile in different snow conditions.

Atomic C.918, 180 cm.
Felt a bit short out of the chute, the more I worked it the more I liked it. Really strong in chopped up crud and different snow conditions. May have lacked a bit of stablility on the high end. Thinking one size too short.

Other skis to consider:
Volkl Vertigo G3
Rossignol Bandit X

Still going to play with these four ski selections and length. Any input would be appreciated on these or others I can demo before buying.
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You might want to demo shorter lengths - very few skis are being used above 180cm for on piste skiing these days.
Try the K2 at 181cm,
the Volkl G3 at 177cm,
the Bandit at 177cm...

You might give the Rossignol RPM 17 or 21 a try.
Likewise, the Dynastar SkiCross 9 or 10 (178, 170cm respectively).

Check out http://www.techsupportforskiers.com
Good luck!
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Atomic R11.20 in 190cm , literally the most vesatile ski I've been on .
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I'm 5'10" and 180. I'm currently skiing the Atomic 10.20 in a 180. Leeroy's call for the 11.20 would probably work great. The 11.20 is a little better dampened than my 10.20 and a little better at speed because of it. My 10.20 gives more snap out of the turn which is why I prefer it. Don't be cowed into the shorter lengths I feel it's being overdone. I recently got my new 9.21 in a 180 to replace a 9.20 in a 190. The new ones rip for the short turns but I like to ski those for speed (like you mentioned) and the 190 would have satisfied that need a little better. Instantly wished I'd stayed with the 190. You're a big guy and you should demo the 11.20 in the 180 and 190. The Ski Cross 9 skis great in a 186 and the new (04) Ski Cross is getting great reviews but I haven't been out on it yet.
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"Don't be cowed into the shorter lengths I feel it's being overdone."

Pretty much my opinion. Thanks, I think anything in the 180 - 190 area will work. I would like to fine tune it a bit and that is the beauty of demo's. Also, due to my style of skiing, if you notice I have not chosen to rent any real fat skiis.

Thanks guys.

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try the atomic supercross. in like a 170-180. Its half slalom half GS.

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Another word from the cowed for the cowboys:

"Shaped skis are meant to be skied in shorter lengths than were "straight" skis. This is as true on the World Cup as it is for recreational skiers. The following suggestions are guidelines only. The best way to determine length is to test your choice in a couple of different lengths. Shaped skis exhibit more significant changes in behavior length-to-length than was the case with older technology.

Giant Slalom - carver,
Typical recreational length: 170-180cm

Cruiser Carver,
Typical recreational length: 168-180cm,
depending on speed and weight

All Mountain, bias groomed
20 to 25cm shorter than old fashioned pencil skis
Typical length: 170-180"

(All from Peter Keelty's site: http://www.techsupportforskiers.com)

But then I bought my first pair of shaped skis too long too.
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