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Best Way To Nh?

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Whats the best way to Attitash from NYC/SW CT? Could I take 91 up to 302 and cut East and go the back way, or do I need to take the Mass Pike to 495 to 93?
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Not sure what the "best" way would be, but both of those routes that you mentioned would require you to cross NH west to east on some back roads to get to Attitash. Another way would be to get on 495 via the Mass Pike and continue on past 93 until 495 intersects Rte. 95 at the Mass/NH border, and continue on 95 for short distance to just before the Maine/NH border, where you would pick up Rte. 16 North that would bring you directly into N. Conway. Just before the Rte. 16/302 split at the light, take a left onto West Side Road that will bring you around the North Conway mess and directly to Attitash.
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Best depends on the time of day, weather and if you have an EZ pass.

Mass Pike, 495, 95 to NH 16 can be a slow crawl in heavy traffic if done on a Friday night before a holiday weekend and involves tolls are part of the drive including the Mass Pike (obviously ), 95 in NH and part of NH 16 which back up with out an EZ pass.

91 to 302 is a bit out of the way, but traffic is lighter than driving the NYC to Bosoton corridor and there is some great scenery. Be warned that crossing Crawford Notch on 302 duirng a snow storm can get hairy.
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Thanks a lot guys- looks like Ill try 91 to 302. I dont have an easy pass and I make the trip to Boston about twice a month and I know the roads will be packed. Weather is "supposed" to be OK (so far)- How long is it off of the exit- an hour?
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It's right around 60 miles, but that doesn't necessarily mean an hour. 302 is pretty good sledding most of the way, though...should be able to do it in 1+15 to 1+30 depending on the weather.
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The best way is to take 95 north to 91 north to 84 east to 90 (mass pike)
take the 495 exit, but instead of 93 take 95 north since attitash is on the other side of the white mountains. 95 will fork with 16 (spalding turnpike) follow 16 all the way to North Conway and Bartlett and follow signs to Attitash. Have fun!!:
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If your staying at Attitash for a few days and you have some free time why not try out Wildcat. Its only 15 minutes up the road and is always an incredible, epic experience at a decent value. Yes North Conway can get very congested, but if your traveling at night or early morning it is much faster than the 93 route.
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Lucky me...Ive got season passes at both...I just havent driven from SW CT...Im gonna try the 91/302 way- never gone to Attitash the back way and I am pretty sick of the Pike (drive it every weekend) and the traffic. Ill keep time- could be a useful shortcut if it proves reasonably shorter.
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