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Ski Tuning

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I've never done any ski tuning and am thinking of getting some basic tools to carry with me for use between major tune ups. Any suggestions on what to purchase and where? Also, any thoughts on ski tuning/maintenance books?
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If you do a search on tuning, you should find alot of useful previously discussed topics on this.

Personally, I just purchased a FK Deluxe tune kit that contains almost all the tools you'd need to minor tunes between major shop tunes. You can find them at the link below. http://www.snowshack.com/delskisnowtu.html
Others use SVST with good recommendation http://www.svst.com
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dupersc - Awesome! tks for the great links.
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Also try www.tognar.com. Very cool guys and a good resource.
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Keoki- E-mail me. I'll send you my instructions on waxing and tuning. 4 pages long, no viruses. All the links you got are great. My instructions will get you started from what you need at the store to what to do. jyarddog@spiritone.com

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Kuusport has tuning manuals on their site.
Here's the link http://www.kuu.com/pages/how_to_tune.htm

They also sell all kinds of ski products.
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Keoki, I got into tuning this year but kind of went all out (bench, vise, edge sharpener, files, iron etc. etc.) The Tognar site above is a good one and also has some good reference stuff. I've used "Ski Maintenance and Repair" by Seth Masia the most I think. Two other good sites with catalogs available are http://www.reliableracing.com/ and http://www.artechski.com/ . The Artech site generally has very low prices and is run by a couple, George and Pat Merrill. I've had questions and George seems to be a real good source of information and doesn't seem to mind discussing problems with you. How much you want to get into tuning is up to you. Hope this helps.
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Lot of good recomendations. One more would be The Race Place I think the website is www.the-raceplace.com. It is also a family owned business located in Bend, Oregon. They have a free technical support phone and are the inventors of the "Beast" line of ski tuning tools.
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