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Binding Recommendations For Sharing Skis

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I am looking for bindings for Rossi B2's that will allow for 28.5 to 30.5 boots. I am trying to share skis between 2 people. Both skiers are approximately 6'2" and 200 to 215 lbs but the boot sizes are two sizes apart. Recommendations have included the Marker Speedpoint and the Tyrolia Railflex. I had purchased, and would prefer, the Rossi Axial 140's but have been told that they would not allow for this much of an adjustment. Thanks for any help.
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[ducking Marker haters]The Marker speedpoint is an Uber easy binding to adjust on the fly. It would be my top choice [/ducking Marker haters]
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How easy is easy? How hard or timeconsuming is too much?

Tyrolia rail flex types can be moved easily, but it takes a few minutes and a screwdriver.

If you are talking once a day---that should be no issue, but if you are talking swap at top of run---thats a different story.
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Thank you for the help so far. I would not be looking to make the changes often, most likely not every day, but I am trying to share the skis with my adult sons. I am also trying not to give up much in the way of quality. Keep the suggestions coming and again thanks for the help.
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The SpeedPoint is the most fool-proof demo binding to adjust. If you're not adjusting DIN you can switch between boot sizes without using a screwdriver.
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The Marker is easy. You lift up a lever, turn a dial which moves the toe and heel pieces and then close the lever to lock the setting. Very easy.

The Atomic Centro demo bindings are also very easy. You push a button at the front of the toe piece, slide the bindings to the proper boot sole length. Then you move the button back to lock the setting.

The Atomic Device and Neox bindings can also be adjusted fairly easily if you have a posidrive screwdriver. You unscrew the center screw, adjust the toe and heel, and then tighten the screw back down.

You will need to check forward pressure settings when you adjust the bindings.

If I got anything wrong here, please correct me.

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I skied on a buddy's Elan m666 last season, and i seem to recall the binding having a very simple adjustment system- snap open a cover, flip a switch and the binding slid back and forth on the tracks. I don't know whether or not that was available because it was an integrated binding, though.
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Marker Speedpoint is very easy and has good retention. Boot Sole height adj. might be an issue.
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The Speedpoint is sweet that it will dial right to the sole length that you need. No fuss, no muss.
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