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Boot help please!

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Thanks in advance for your advice... I just purchased pair of Lange CRL 90's - I have narrow feet, so it was pretty easy to "narrow" it down to those or the CRL 80.

But now I'm wondering if the little extra flex of the CRL 80 might be a better match for the skiis I'm planning to demo: Volkl AC2, and K2 Omni 5.5 (plus any others you all might recommend).

I'm a strong intermediate (or used to be, anyway!), but this will be the first gear I've purchased. My previous rental experience is of no help - mostly straight boards and rear-entry boots. I'm looking for boots/skiis that are forgiving, but won't outgrow too soon.

Gyro (male, 5'11", 160 lbs., Western N.America)
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so, im summary, you want a 90 made softer then?

remove the rear screw on the backof the boots spine and try it.

or do up the power strap around the liner, not the shell.

not much difference really between the two of the boots ....
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Thanks Lion! It was hard to tell what category the boot is in - Lange calls it more advanced, but most retailers/reviewers call it more intermediate, or even recreational. Souns like I shouldn't worry about it being too stiff, but I will try your suggestions if it is.
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